Lack of Damascus Blades/Help

I disagree. The extra blade and tome from the rare quests are consumed by the bonus materials from he seasonal events and Path of Valor. There are no other events with guaranteed blades and tomes. It would be nice if Path of Valor would include a blade and tome to help balance things out. Blades and tomes are now the rarest items in the game…

Full disclosure - I am also short on blades and tomes as well. This is stopping me from leveling ANY hero.

What levels in the Alchemy lab have you reaearched? I have recieved atleast 2 blades so far just from trading Alkashards

Honestly I haven’t worried about the AL as when it was 10k Alkashards but now it’s more obtainable so started on it just a couple of weeks ago as every other building in my main acc is fully leveled now so AL is now my last one…

But it sounds like good news if it offers DB in there, what level is that on in there?

19 and 20. Level 19 will give you a chance to turn a 3* into a 4* mat.
20 will let you trade a 4* for another 4* mat.


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