Lack of Damascus Blades/Help

The lack of damascus blades in this game for me has grown very frustrating. It’s become a complete chokepoint to my growth in this game, yet others don’t seem to have this issue. Just this week I have seen 7 members in my family of alliances bragging about getting Damascus blades from monster/raid chests, defeated titans or titan chests, etc (including one guy who got two of them yesterday). But in 17 months of playing this game, I’ve only gotten 1 blade that I didn’t get from something that was available to everybody (like special sales or a special quest) and it was from Mystic Vision 4 months ago, and now those have since been nerfed.

I’m trying to figure out how to increase my chances of landing these. There are members in my alliance who have been playing just as long as I have, that have 10+ damascus blades stocked up, and still have more maxed 5 stars than I do. So people are getting them.

For the past 3 months I’ve been skipping as many hero and monster timers as I can, and I constantly finish near the top on titans (12 star) within my alliance. I’m also usually among the better players in war so I thought that might lead to better war chests. And, not that it matters, I’ve also spent thousands on this game.

What am I missing? Is there some trick to getting them?

Not really… RNG rules…
Maybe fight higher star titans you will have more rolls so more chances…
And the rare quest…
but there’s nothing else you can do to get an specific AM just pray to the RNG Gods !


I can’t fight higher star titans. Our alliance is already wiping out 12 stars with ease.

So nothing else but wait

Ugh. Not the answer I was hoping to hear lol but it was expected. Thanks for the reply.

WHat answer were you expecting? “oh yeah if you do season 1 level 7, seventeen times you will get a damascus blade”. If there was, people in your alliance would tell you,

It’s RNG. Deal with it

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Doing every rare quest gives you roughly 7-8 DB’s in a years time. That’s without any random drops through chests. Patience and completing rare quests will reward you with what you are looking for.


Please calm down and keep it at least civil, all.


This, exactly. You’ll get a spare D blade and Tome, because there are 6 cycles of the quests but only 5 colors.


I need tomes. Therefore I’m going to post a link to a thread for a song about tomes

/rain dance


This is something I haven’t tried yet. DO you know of a song for damascus blades? Lol

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Haven’t done one yet. lol

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This is incorrect. What was nerfed most from MV was the amount of gems. I do not believe at all that the drop chances of rare items was lowered. I am seeing more now because I get 3 chances per day (x3) to roll instead of 1.5. Definitely liking this change.


Indeed. I’ve gotten a tome in the last 4 weeks from MV.

Maybe I misunderstood the release on what they did with it.

The probabilities are actually a little better for 2x8h Mystic Visions than they were 1x16h. But 1x8h has a lower probability than 1x16h. So you’d need to do both 8h Mystic Visions to see that increase.

How rare can rare get when all this year the only Damascus Blades I have received is from the ones that come with the quests.

These are required for pretty much every 5* hero to be leveled. ALL my 5* are on hold at 70/3 and going nowhere.

I know this is a grind of a game but honestly there is a big massive difference between a grind and getting nothing at all, even a grind is slow but it gets there, it doesn’t mean a complete stand still.

At this rate with over 20 five star heroes in waiting in the que it will be 10 plus years before half of them are maxed…

As a result I have had to not only stop leveling 5* s but stop summoning as well as going nowhere also means doing nothing.

Agree d blades are hard to come by but as a
consolation there is one coming in the beginning of December in the Farholme Pass event

Can I divide that one into 20 heroes?,lol

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