Lack of continuity


I continue to try my best in the ‘raids’ how ever the massive lack in ANY continuity in boards is overwhelming. It really puts a lot of people of even bothering with them, why do we need them at all??? The rewards are pathetic, why ???

Any ideas???


Raids are super fun. Try to improve your moves/skill and it might pleasure you aswell :wink:


I would love to grow and get stronger, how ever like so many others we are all waiting for ascension gear. Where is it???

I am glad u enjoy ur raiding, u are a rarity


Yep, I play raids almost totally for the enjoyment.

It’s about balancing your skill in picking a team, selecting an opponent, which is a mathematical puzzle, plus your skill in moving the board, which is a spatial puzzle.

It’s a battle of wits between you and a team that someone else has lovingly built!

If you predominantly focus on the ascension stuff in this game, it’s very easy to get demoralised, you need to enjoy the basic puzzle too :blush:

If you get bored, I ended up writing an essay on it one night, but it got pretty wordy.


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