Lack of challenging content for developed players

No problem, let it respawn until you’ve run out of heroes. Loot should incredibly increase after run 2. I doubt that many players will beat 4 consecutive ToL runs and even the best will run out of heroes during the 5th or 6th if the difficulty will increase, too.

Fun you say it, I have though the same affter finishing and then I forgott it. I’m not a seasoned player and I had problems to finish it once, but player who could finish it more times may enjoy it.
My thoughs where:
1 To redo an stage you should repeat the sequence (unlike on challenge events).
2 Add a ranking.
3 Add “bragging” rewards (avatars, tons of avatars…) or event “tittles” that show after the player name, and that should be deffended in each ToL.
4 Instead of giving anything but coins, add a Tavern store, for everyone, not just for veterans. Make it work similar to Alashkards. That way is very RNG (Small Giant is happy) and yet it may give you some emblems or a mat you need. Lets’ say that you need 50 coins for each purchase, even a low level player could choose between a summon with crappy ods or two purchases and pretty much 20 random emblems with a chance of mats. Obviulsly, only coins allowed. And veterans may have a reason to farm coins, without that being a tremendous advantage.

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Thank you all for your responses so far. I have taken some of your ideas/proposals and tried to sum it up in a few also new topics:
(the final goal could be to maybe come up with some ideas&features proposals or add to some existing ones that work on similar topics).

I see a general consensus that most respondents would not mind a higher difficulty tier. As pointed out by @Easysteps any new content of such kind is only realistic if minimal new rewards are introduced to be in line with SG politics. My view for new content could look like:

  • 40 hardcore stages, revealed one-by-one daily from the day PoV starts
    • Why not at once: So we do not complete it the first week and have a continuous challenge
    • However there should be no time limit on completion, so the first revealed on Monday can be completed on Friday
    • Why not 50? To give some additional time to complete some more advanced challenges
  • Optional: After you complete the 40 challenges you must defeat the final boss (as during S1 and S2), a difficult “single titan” level on level or even above of Ursena.
  • Reward: One 4* rare ascension item. I do not think that getting one additional 4 item every 60 days would brake the game or brake the bank. Just a nice small reward, which you really have to earn
  • Including this hardcore difficulty tier should have no effect to the widely available PoV levels so it is not affected for the general audience. Still anyone could try to complete the harder tier, maybe they could include a 3* rare item reward somewhere in the middle for the lower level players who can beat e.g. half of the tasks, again optional.

Well, this one is easy and unanimously agreed. This definitely needs more levels, different options of implementation. Though the unlimited level idea is interesting, I think rightly noted that it is harder to design and balance. Probably simply including a few additional levels (and I repeat, at least slightly increase the mana generation speed of bosses) should do the trick. Beta can test it.

I cannot comment on this yet. I really need to look around on the forum to see and summarize ideas on this topic, will try to do it this week. This is a controversial and complicated one, and I do not see an easy way to change it. Probably better to focus first on the more easily achievable goals while doing the research.

Adding this point, again pointed out by @Easysteps. I have also commented on this topic in some war related thread. In my view Tournament rules are already widely tested, so including them into WARS would not break the war game. They could be introduced rarely into the war rotation and see how it goes. I would find it a lot of fun to play a very fast war or even removing one element could make things really interesting.

  • What do you think of finally spicing up wars and including some tournament rules into our wars?
  • What tournament or other rules you think could work here?
  • What are the negative impacts you can foresee?

@Saicheeze thank you for the nice idea. I am sure I am not alone who ignores the usual daily quests. I think they are stale since I started to play the game 15 months ago, they could use some new life and introduction of an occasional harder quest. I think one new quest with a new type of reward could work here. I do not know what should be the right reward here, e.g. different types of summon coins? Though I am sure you can come up with something more interesting.


This 1000 times. The bosses literally never fired at me. If I want to fight generic bosses with a high attack stat, Season 3 hard mode is right there waiting for me. I was hoping for some real, high stakes tough-to-win battles. I get that if they made things too hard it would flip people some folks out because of the one-use-per-hero rule, but I hope they make it easier for the bosses specials to fire in the next go around, and take a bit off their attack stat.

What makes those heroes special is that they have unique and powerful skills which take thought and planning to counter. It’s lame if they never use them.


She is still op. I’ll bet not one player has changed her out in any circumstances. That should be a pretty clear indicator that she still won’t peed if it was a good nerve they would be certain players under certain conditions that would think another hero would better and there isn’t been one she’s still OP

I got into the game about a year ago and I remember even lower tier quests were a challenge. Most were unreachable. But they were a level to reach by building up my roster and improving my skills. Same as the four star mats you could get after reaching level 30. So yes I think it’s a good idea to add more difficult tiers to existing quests and challenges. It gives reason to developed players to stay engaged and motivates lower level players to improve their game


I agree with new challenges but not challenges that will reward us with 3 herbs and 1 battle manual.

I am totally in agreement that either some new harder events are needed or some extra tiers for existing events.

I am nowhere near the top end yet although I have a deep bench of 4 star heroes. TOL was quite easy to complete and although fun, it was not much of a challenge.

I think the argument that more challenge is, for many, really more reward is a fair one and that could be seen as just having more ways to keep the elite where they are and make it harder for newer players to catch up.

I personally like challenges I could not complete a while back, it gives me some satisfaction that I could get to the point where I could although the only event that causes me any challenge now is the emblems quests for wizards as no matter how many pulls I make, i still just have Ulmer and Balthazar and they do not cut it on the last stage. I hoped TOL would provide this for a while but sadly it did not.

Titles is a nice idea, it would be popular without giving more ascension mats or heroes. There could also be an achievement point system which maybe has a leaderboard which has same statue but no tangible rewards.

These could include some more real challenges where there has been an abundance of good ideas across a number of threads on this forum. These could cover all sorts of things, some hard, some silly, some just plain stupid.

My personal favourite challenge would be some kind of ‘last stand’ type of event. Maybe you get to pick 5 3 star, 5 4star, and 5 5star heroes to use. You fight endless waves of mobs, each wave stronger than the last.
You start off with the 3 stars and then when one dies you add in a 4star from your bench. when they are all done you move to 5 stars. When the last hero dies your fight is over. This would mean that however strong your team is you can never beat it!

I for one would pursue an achievement type system without the need for reward. It would give me something other than the endless grind to spend some WE on and it would be fun to try and knock some off.

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I like the idea of changing it up.
How many of you feel the same way as I do right now? “oh look, another Telly tank war - SHOCKER”. These wars (referring mainly to top alliance wars) are getting really really boring.

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