Lack of ascension items

The drop rate of ascension items has dwindled to 1 maybe 2 items once in a while. this needs to be fixed or people will start going elsewhere. I have Elkanen that has been waiting since October for items to ascend. Pulled Guinevere and she is stuck at second ascension. In alliance chat that is on of the biggest complaints. So what is the point to buy gems to draw hero’s if you can’t lvl and ascend them. To be honest, I am getting pissed about it and so are a lot of other people. And yes I have bought gems and a few other things, so yes I have contributed financially to the game. But if this keeps up you will start loosing players and you will see your rating in the play store drop making it less likely people will download it. Come on and get you ■■■■ together and fix the drop rate. It costs you nothing and would keep you customers happy.


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