Lack of Ascending Materials?


Well, I’m only L20, but I just noticed something when I went shrooming the other day.

To get Shrooms, I hadda use party TWO, (lower rank) an it turned up more shrooms.

Maybe that might have something to do with ur problem getting materials.


Please dont take it personal but being Level 27 after playing a year seems to incicate you dont play very often.
And that is just fine because everyone has to find her/his own tempo.

Concerning ascending heroes I asume you talk about non farmable 3* and 4* ascension mats.
I you havent read the relevent post yet here the advice in a nutshell.

Do all the rare quests for guaranteed ascending materials.
Find an alliance you are comfortable with and do titan hunting and alliance wars.
Check mystic vision dayly.
Fill your monster chest and hero chest as often as possible.
Safe your diamonds for GUARANTEED ascencion mat.offers.

Wish you the best of luck with your drops.


P.S. If you havent done yet ascend 4* heroes before 5* until you have a fully ascended 4* team to raid, hunt titans and events.


Darn, an here I was hoping I could level break my threes- whelp, back to the ol

goes back to filing her nails while gate goes up a notch


Over a month lol…bro, I’ve been waiting since April to ascend my 5*s.