Lack of Ascending Materials?

Really frustrated with the lack of ascending materials provided… I have had 2 heroes over a month sitting because I cannot find a hidden blade or a warm cloak. already feel the game is beyond stingy in everything., and extremely expensive. you should be rewarded for building your village, defeating 7 star titans with an A grade, not being punished… A C grade should never get more… it’s cheating… does power or trophies really matter… like the lack of 5 and 4 stars when you pay money… it’s cheating… your going to lose your fan base really quickly by cheating people. Make it fair… I won’t even discuss the nonsense about the raiding system… so much potential. It very unfair


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I am sure you will find many who share your feelings. :smile:


There seems to all of a sudden be a moratorium on the game releasing these items. In the last 2 weeks, I have received just 1 rare Ascending item. ONE. To be clear, I play the game at least 10+ hours a day, raid constantly, receive (generally) all A or A+) on Titan battles, and have paid a good amount to build my team. Looking back, it’s been over a month since my first hero hit 2 bars, and 2-3 weeks since all 5 of them reached that level. I have not been able to ascend a single hero to 3 bars. And interestingly, the majority of the rare Ascention items I do have in my inventory, I got before I even got to 2 bars.

Why have the items dried up?

Why the change?

Why do the dev’s continually modify the game to make it worse?


That was said perfectly


The problem is in the luck system, this game is based on. It is like going to play in casino and most of the time you will lose, but sometimes you hit the jackpot. Someone hits it every day, others hits it every week and those who are unlucky wait for months. I was trying so hard to get the magic orb from titans. High ranked every day on 6and 7. Didnt get it. And today i just did an ordinary wanted mission. The Jackpot.Screenshot_2017-07-31-14-22-08|281x500

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I agree with Bizzer; most of the rare items I have I got in my first month of playing when I was a total noob. Now that I’ve got a couple 4*'s I can’t get crap.


The game is suppose to make money they’re not just going to give the good stuff away to everybody only a select few will get lucky the rest of us need a lot of patience or open your wallet.


Or people could leave the game, watch it die in the end because they make no money as the player base get’s smaller and smaller. :roll_eyes:

Bottom line, they made the game the way it is and they set expectations where they are. The fact they changed their mind and no longer want most teams at 5 stars or even 4 stars is not, somehow, the fault of the players. They made it so I received ascension items almost each week when they released the game and they are the ones who have made it so I have not received any for months.

This is not about them making money or not making money, it is about retaining the player base so that the number of folks playing grows and thus their income grows.


I’ve noticed that I OFTEN get Titan items at Grade B. Is anyone else noticing this? I mean it happens often, and recently…

Gloves, sturdy shields, trap tools, and hidden blades. (I’ve gotten orbs this week from Mystic Vision, but that’s another matter…)


100% correct. Here is my typical titan loot …


Here is my take on this situation …

It’s like a dealer making a future addict

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I just got Mystic Rings from Mystic Vision! Now all I need is a 5*. And 5 more Mystic Rings…


Heh…I have a lot of cloaks…and no 5* to wrap them in…YET! :sunglasses:

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Just got an accension item that i needed from a B level performance. Agreed. Generally when i get A level i get nothing. Also just got my titan chest for killing 5 and it was all trash…unreal…i would expect i would get something better from titan chest than just a single titan kill…they really havent put much thought into this. They should really review the matrixes they use for treasure drops…they wont, but they should…

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You tease. Of course I need four of them and can’t find them. Those and Orbs. Cloaks and Orbs. :neutral_face:

I had more, but I spent them. :grin:

And remember, letter grade has no bearing on loot, only tier does

what do you mean by tiers?

It will say which loot tier you obtained in Roman numerals. The letter grade only represents how well you did in relation to alliance. How well you did will determine which loot tier you obtain

If that’s true, then why do I consistently get ascension loot at Letter grade B?

I assume the top three in our alliance (letter grade A and A+), having done MORE than I have, should at least be at the same loot tier as I am. But I get the ascension loot and they don’t. Over and over and over. WHY IS THIS?!

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