Lack of alliance war prizes and lack of even 3* training hero’s

So general question here. I all alliances opted out of alliance wars would the prizes for winning get better or worse?
Most of prizes given for defeating titan, winning alliance war and even killing 100 monsters are so pathetic and items easily crafted in forge why not just have all alliances opt out of wars? I have suggested this in at least 2 alliances. Why are we wasting Wednesday and Saturday doing these wars for NO worth wild prizes? Also when was the last time anyone saw a 3* training hero and is there a 4* training hero because in close to 3 years playing the game I can count on one hand the number of 3* training hero’s I have ever seen.

I have another question to add… Why even bother to do the normal difficulty section, in the Spring challenge, when there are No asc mats? And the difficult level has… 1. I’ve noticed a marked decline in loot across the board, but don’t know if it is just a random glitch that will work itself out, or something to do with the tournament loot decrease. I’m totally confused and really have no desire to fight rabbits for no good reason. They can have my lettuce at this point. Lol.

You can get 3* training hero for finishing all stages of emblem challenge. It’s guaranteed.
And 4* training hero is a prize for Springvale on hard.
So, at least you can be sure they exist :wink:

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The springvale event has MORE rewards than it did last year.

In this case, it is actually an increase in rewards. The other chests haven’t changed - you just want more out of them.

Our alliance actually enjoys the wars. The rewards are often not great for them, but we have seen the rare ascension item, even when we’ve list.

The war chests give much better rewards, at least that’s been the case for our alliance.