Lack of advancement

Lack of ascension items has become ridiculous. They claim a steady trickle of these items but as most of u know that is not the case. Even fighting larger titans etc… 90% of the time even if u defeat them, u still dont get these items. Your lucky if you get some gems and a turtle banner… I also believe that along with ascension items, getting enough emblems is few and far between. At this rate we will be waiting for 3+ yrs to get a really good team . I cant even claim it’s all about pay to play because most of these items u cant even buy. U can buy packs with the " chance" of them but that is rare,just more useless garbage. So if u cant win them and u cant buy them,then what’s the point. The game goes nowhere. Their logic makes no sense. We have lost some really great members just for that fact alone,they just got tired of waiting and waiting for months on end with no improvements or advancement. Shoot they still only have 2 seasons on here that most have already completed and now are at a standstill and have just grown bored. How do they think they will keep players forever when theres nothing new to do?

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