Kwong79's Ascension Advice Request thread

Hi, looking for ascension advice. Which of these would be the best ascension candidates? Looking for war depth and titans mainly, don’t do much raiding. Alliance uses green tanks.

Purple: Mok-Arr, Grimble, or Quintus (with costume), or wait?
Yellow: Sif, Leonidas, Bai Yeong, or wait?
Blue: Skadi, Magni, Glenda, or wait?
Green: Zocc, Margaret, Kadilen, Guardian Chameleon, or wait?
Red: Gefjon, Mitsuko, Noor, or wait?

Leaning towards Guardian Chameleon and Gefjon, not sure for the other colours. Currently working on Vivica + costume. I think of myself as relatively CtP, with VIP, Valor Pass and purchase of good gem deals.

My full roster is below:

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Purple: wait

Yellow: I think Sif give you the most help as an all around hero

Blue: Skadi. She’s truly over powered if any opponent have minions

Green: none of those are much better than your Horghall tank war requirement, I’d wait. Don’t do chameleon unless you just want a fun hero. Not very useful.

Red: you can’t go wrong with Geflon of Mitsuko. If you max skadi I’d go with Mitsuko.


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Purple: Costume Quintus has high tile damage so he’s useful for Titans, and for rush attack tournaments and the new rush attack war.

Yellow: Sif or you can wait until Costume Chamber and see if you can pull Leo’s costume (but you have G. Jackal for elemental def down so…)

Blue: Skadi, great against all those minions (Telluria, Bera, etc) and the Undead Horde War

Green: Margaret, high tile damage for Titans

Red: Gefjon and Mitsuko are both amaizing, but I vote for Gefjon… a sniper is a sniper

Good luck!

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Grimble – Mainly for use in this newly Coming Minion Meta… particularly undead horde & bloody battle tournaments

Yellow – Sif would be my vote :slight_smile: She’s pretty fun to play with & the mana boost can be great in attack to break a hero.

Blue – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000% SKADI!!! No doubts here!!! She’s SOOOOO boss!!!

Green – Chamaeleon would be my pick too. Decent for attacking purposes with the buff. Also great in Tournaments as his debuff will allow you to circumvent the colour restrictions (i.e. if green is restricted, people make blue defences. If you take 4x blue + chameleon, he will flip the blue defenders to being red ones making your team strong :smiley: )

Red – Agreed on Gefjon here :slight_smile: Mitsuko is also pretty great with mana control & the reflect shields.

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I don’t have Sif. But I am surprised she gets tons of love. I mean, she is just an improved holy legendary version Boril (not the riposte though since hers is inferior: % damage reflected and number of turns). All her skills (riposte, damage reduction and mana generation) are dispellable. And purples don’t lack a ton of them in Kage, Seshat, Domitia and Sabina. When she serves as tank, she dies in not more than 5 tiles using monopurple. When she is flanking, other dispellers are aplenty, i.e. Melendor, Caedmon, Sonya, etc. Maybe she is good when used in attacking. But maybe I am missing something.

Among your yellows, I would ascend and max Vivica and her costume. Good offensively and defensively. She doesn’t deal damage, but her regular defense debuff is higher than White Rabbit’s. She and your Jackal would be lovely against purple titans. I’d also finish maxing your Gullinbursti and a second Jackal. Maybe you’d do those epics first. They wont cost too much.

As to your greens, I find Chameleon niche. IMHO, I don’t like wasting 4* ascension mats on heroes you would only seldom use. I do agree that he may be usable on 5* raid tourneys where blues are absent. But how about instances when greens are prohibited on 5* raid tourneys. I think he would be awesome on rainbow attack setup accompanied with ideal heroes, or 5th or 6th war team when you are depleted of the strong hero against the enemy tank. Among your greens, I would max either or both 2nd Hansel (you can’t have too much mana controllers) and/or costumed Little John (dodging is an awesome skill/ability). But if you have Kadilen’s costume, she is a must to be maxed and emblemed.

Among your red legendaries, only Mitsuko and Gefjon are the real contenders. QoH would be following after both of them, especially if you have obtained Puss or havent gotten Black Knight. I’d also max a 2nd Wilbur and a 2nd BT and his costume. They wont cost too much also. Them dupes maxed would come handy to you.

On your purple legendaries, I am more inclined on your Myztero. Having 3 distinct very fast legendaries would surely wreak havok with your Kage dealing the maiming initial damage (if the target did not die) leaving your Clarissa and Myztero dealing the finishing blows. I would also finish maxing your second Rigard, too.

Purple: Kunchen, then wait.
Yellow: Sif, then wait.
Blue: Skadi, then Magni.
Green: Zocc, then Margaret.
Red: Gefjon, then Mitsuko.

I would also throw some emblems on Almur to smash blue titans and help surviving in a green stack.
Keep some of those emblems for Mitsuko though for when you do ascend her.

I am surprised you’ve had such luck with his costume. I would be curious to hear what team composition or context you use him in. I use the base version pretty regularly with the costume bonus, but not the costume version very often. I am always eager to hear and try new things though.


I don’t have his costume. His and Kiril’s are the only costumes I lack, apart from several of the legendaries. My opinion is based on the popular use of dodging heroes like costumed Kadilen (which I also lack), Frigg (rogue talent) and other ninja heroes with their family bonus of dodging and riposting. You often see them in defense in the mid and upper diamond. In my experience facing costumed Kadilen, once her skills get activated, you often hesitate using your skills by reason that it may be dodged by them. Most often used strategy is to wait until the skills wear off then you can fire your heroes’ skills. Those number of turns may turn the tide of winning or losing.

You are the lucky one since you have Li’l John’s costume. If I have him, he will only serve in raid tourneys. I have better green heroes to serve in war and in raids. I use mono so my team in 4* raid tourneys will be a mix of costumed LJ accompanied by any of my 12 maxed epic greens (2 Buddies, 2 Hansels, 2 costumed Caedmons, 2 costumed Melendors, costumed Skittleskull, Brynhild, Gadeirus and costumed Kashhrek), depending on which of them is best used against the defending heroes and the raid modifier existing.

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More advice requested… My updated roster is below:

Mostly seeking advice on blue, green and red. For purple, my next project is probably my new Freya, and will probably go with Sif for yellow. For blue, I was thinking Isarnia for titan hits, but open to other suggestions.

My alliance uses green tanks, so it’s currently Horghall, but I was wondering whether Bertila would be better. I haven’t been very lucky with 5* costumes, so I don’t expect to get costume Kadilen.

For red, maybe finally pull the trigger on Noor? Freya would make her minions hit really hard.

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