Kvasir realm bonus

Hi everyone!
Had buff booster tournament battle, my opponent kvasirhas left alone with low hp and active realm bonus, but didn’t have any heal. So, I’m not sure realm bonus was working there. Upload 3 last moves in screenshots.

P.s. sorry for my English.

Kvasir doesn’t heal himself. He heals his allies.


But the verbiage for healers, like Rigard for example, is also “all allies” so it would seem like a bug if Kvasir doesn’t heal himself as well.

I read it as a one time heal when he first reaches low health, not every move that he remains in low health. There is no screen shot of his health prior to reaching the red, so he might have got the small 2% heal, but from this we cannot tell since he is already at low health in each screen shot.


Yup this.

All realm bonuses are SINGLE CAST which cast when the Hero gets to the trigger point.

Effects will be removed if the caster is healed / killed (i.e. the “Low health” condition no longer applies).

The Realm Bonus will RE-CAST if the hero goes OUT of the trigger point & then returns to it (e.g. Kvasir will cast if he gets to “low health”, then if he is healed & then damaged again, he will re-cast)


the real question is whether 2% is enough of a heal to have an impact on game. will he survive at least 1 extra tile of damage because of the heal?

It’s a one time heal whenever Kvasir gets low health.

Aka what guvnor said.

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