Kvasir or Melia leveling?

I just pulled them recently along with three other 3*(still waiting on SG to bless me with my first 5* after hundreds of pulls haha). Both have costumes.

Who do I level first?

Also need to decide on my next green to level: Cskittleskull, gobbler, grevle, isshlak or carver.


Kvasir, the original, is great for 3 Star max raids or events. Poison bearing minions. I have the original maxed or nearly maxed. Costume I just pulled but have like 4 others I need to max before I even think of that.


For me, it’s Kvasir and Grevle.

My Kvasir has 1321 health, so he can make beefy minions for bloody battle tournaments. Don’t have the costume, so your numbers could be higher.

Somewhere on here, I saw a Grevle with over 800 defense. Just impressive numbers for 3-stars. Plus, overheal can be helpful if you find yourself stuck trying to complete harder stages of 3-star events. Just overheal the crap outta your team before entering the final boss stage.


Also in favor of Kvasir and Grevle.


Thanks all, was leaning in that direction as well for yellow, wasnt sure about green but i seem to favor healers, especially over healers. I already have belith leveled and maxed.

Also, is An-Windr any good? Will be looking for another purple to level after i finish maxing rigard, could be a while haha

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I’m not a fan. Not sure if others have had better results.


I am also not a fan.

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Both Kvasir and Melia are amazing, doesn´t matter which one you do first, you´ll be happy with either and then just do the other one after. both are overall great heroes that can be used in various places.
Kvasir is one of the most useful heroes in bloody battle, but so is Costume Melia.
In buff booster regular Melia is amazing.
In rush neither is especially good for killing treevils…

For the greens, I personally love Grevle most, but if you already have a healer, you might want some hitter (Isstak, Def down instead of damage, if you have the costume) or mana Control (Carver). All 3 are good, but in a vacuum I would say Grevle is the best :slight_smile:
The 4 stars I am less of a fan of, Gobbler is of course good if you have trouble with minions (otherwise he´s not doing much), skittle well depends on who else you have.

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Kvasir is the 3 star Bera. He is a must for all 3 star tourneys. His minion block and poison damage can be huge on no heal tourneys. His minions are pretty strong and f you fire him twice, the game is usually won. Especially with all the Kingdom heros making minions in 3 star tourneys, he will make a great counter to them too.
Grevle is great for both tourneys and events. Though i use Helo and C Hawkmoon more than him, if there are no reds Grevle gets his play.

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