Kushanku - Hero skill different on Version 58

Is the damage after hiding on the 2nd charge 298 or 214? It looks like the damage for both the 1st and 2nd charges are 214?

Thanks as always @PlayForFun!

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I see 298 for charge 2, and 214 for charge 1 in the OP and in the game too.

I believe there’s a bug in the portal. On my tablet it has 214 for the 2nd charge, and when I checked it on my phone, it’s 288!

See attached. Is this something you can report to staff or should I create a separate thread or submit a support ticket?

Thanks a gazillion.

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As you can see on the first image the hero at 4/90 with +20 emblems, while on the second one it is only on 4/80.

Damage over times are changing with attack property.
If you power the max power on/off then you should see the same number on both devices.

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Oh sorry about that! You’re right!

That explains the 288 at 4.90 but is the 2nd charge at 4.80 214 (same as first charge) or 298?

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I see 214 for Charge 1, 298 for Charge 2 and 329 for Charge 3 in the game on version 57.

Are you on Version 58 ?

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Yes, I’m on Version 58. So I guess he’s being nerfed in between the versions?

Probably it is a bug.
I am notifying Staff about it.

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Fantastic!! Thanks so much again!

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Hi @kaerlighed69! Please send in a support ticket through the in-game support function (Menu>Options>Support) and the team will investigate this further. Thanks in advance!


Sure @GuardianConstructs. I’ll do so now. Thanks!

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Hi again @PlayForFun, j just noticed while submitting the support ticket that the damage reduction is 20% on both the 1st and 2nd charges for me. Do you have 30% for both charges on yours?

I have just checked it. It is 20% for Charge 1, 30% for Charge 2, 40% for Charge 3.
If is different for you, then please include this in your support request so that @GuardianConstructs can look at that too.

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Thanks @PlayForFun! I have 20% (edit in the description here?), 20%, and 40% reduction. I’ll let staff know about it too.

Much much appreciation!!

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Yes, the OP contained flat 30% to all, and now I have fixed it to what I saw in the game.
I am unsure if it is changed today or I just missed to update it earlier.
I will look at my screenshots, and update the “changes from Beta section”.

You are welcome.

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Ps: I have moved this conversation from the Kunshanku topic to a separate bug topic.
So that that topic is free about discussing this issue :smiley:


Just wanted to mention that it’s been fixed and the card is now the same on Version 58.

Thanks so much @PlayForFun and @GuardianConstructs!

Have a great weekend!

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