Kunchens Defence Debuff

Dear all,

I have Kunchen and use him in all my teams if I can.

My observation is that his debuff is only -34% which is the same as all 4* debuffers that aren’t elemental.

The only other 5* defence debuffer is Isarnia and hers is -44%.

I’m wondering why Kunchen’ s debuff is not the same as Isarnias.

Cause Kunchen is a healer, got elemental link and is immune to defense debuff himself. Not yet enough?

He has all the other benefits. He has a massive heal, a cleanse and a great elemental link. He isn’t a offensive hitter

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It’s the differentiation between a 4* and a 5*.

Onatel has 44% heal, +63% defense and dispels status ailments. The defence buff is the same percentage as Magni, where Kiril the 4* buff is only 30%

Vivic you mean? Not sure Onatel has those specials?


Balance. Kunchen is good as he is already.

Isarnia is slow, frail, but comes with a high attack stat and a skill that deals damage to all with -44% defense to compensate her big problem of staying alive. That and the wizard class makes her a slow and frail but a hard hitter. She needs that -44% to be worth using over the 4* defense droppers.

Kunchen is slow, but:

  • he has tanky stats with a great healing skill that cleanses
  • innate resistance to def-
  • Elemental link reduces damage to Holy weakness for himself and all other dark allies
  • Manashield from cleric class avoids mana cuts that otherwise prevent his healing skill from firing

I’m not sure why you want him to get a buffed -44% defense ailment, when he already comes with so many other benefits, that Isarnia clearly doesn’t have.

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I think we need to just stop messing about and make him immune to all damage. :thinking:


C’mon @Winters, you mean we should change his name as well to Superman?

Not sure what that green stuff is that Kunchen is carrying, but I think @Sword_of_Omens may have gotten into it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Because Kunchen as-is is one of the best tanks in the game, and Isarnia on tank position is just free cups :wink:

It’s a special herb, you smoke it, eat it or drink it and get healed / cleansed from all status ailments.

Meant Vivica but spelt Onatel for some reason.

Cause Kiril also has 28% healing and 30% increased attack…man you can’t compare single effects…you need to see the whole picture…taking ALL abilities into account.

Isarnai tank = free trophies?
Not very :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with the irony. I run an Elena tank and maintain over 2500 trophies.

It is funny because I will attack any team with isarni or Elena. They are too easy to pass up, but some people still struggle. Good for us.

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