Kunchen vs Rigard for Assention

ISo I’ve had amazing luck over the last 3 months with Summons - 6 10 pulls and a bunch of tokens/ freebies have netted me the cards below, GFs results have been similar…

(Best pull was 3 5*, 5 4*, 2 3* and 2x HoM from a 10 pack)

Assention materials are more typical - but scraped together enough to assend Kiril, one short on shields, blades, orbs, 0 cloaks - and finally got 4 trap tools.

The video ads have been amazing for me.

I see my path to glory as:

Blue -> Alice, ??
Yellow -> Onatel, Woo, Joon
Green -> Not sure
Red -> QoH, Azlar

With Trap tools in hand, not sure if I should bump up Rigard to 4/70 or Kunchen (have 4) to 3/70

I’ve had Azlar at 2/60 for a month, and he’s a paper tiger (but spits napalm)

We kill 7*, 8* Titans, 1600cups atm, just started wars — I am in an upgrade swing; just cycled my last 3*

Want to add - I have one ring, telescope, 3x Tabbards, 0 tonics and darts

Rigard to 4/70. He is the best 4* healer due to being able to cure status ailments, and having a high defense.

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There are many preference, but it depends on what kind of defence and offence you are building.

For as a healer I think dispelling is important, but I don’t think Richard would keep you in higher ranking than Kunchen. I say Kunchen. :slight_smile:

Some extra advise for Ascending your other heroes.

Looking at your character you will need Kunchen as your future main healer (and probably main tank for all defence teams). He is awesome due his defence tankiness, insane heal and 44% armor debuff.

I am not sure how well QoH goes with kunchen. I know that Azlar will wipe all armies if his eruption goes of on armor debuffed enemies. Azlar’s attack power is 800+ and so perfect for attack teams. Elena is destructive in offence but I get negative results when putting her in my defence. I would recommend checking other post about Elena vs Azlar.

I see you have Alice and Isarnia. I they are both great. I would have done Isarnia if you didn’t have kunchen, so Alice gets my preference. Isnaria is a little squesy slow and you need a one shot.

I have not much experience with Otanel, but wukong is almost the best Titan destroyer and Joon is good at everything (also a top 4 titan fighter). I thing Joon is the best all around and best offence you can choose. Offence seems to be the best defence in this game, so you can never have to many oneshotters. Joon ftw! (still recommend lokking up Otanel vs Joon)

I hope this helps you out a bit.

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Try to build 2 rainbow 4* teams first then work on your 5’s unless your 4* ascension mats come in early.

So Rigard would be more useful now than Kunchcen. If you can, work on Kiril, Rigard, Scarlett, Wu and Caedmon.

4’s are easier and faster to work on and will be more useful in the short term and still very useful in the long run.

Tiburtus, Melendor and Chao will be good additions if the 4* mats aren’t in yet.


kunchen is rigard + kashhrek(increase defence VS strong color) + and put down enemie defence, is big boy of 770 point and amazing 815 of shield

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That’s going to be frustrating seeing all those top notch heroes and not being able to use them correctly for a long time. Awesome team though

Kunchen is way better than Rigard in so many ways.
If kunchen is not good as so many people say then Vivica is absolutely useless


I’ve actually ascented both Kunchen and Rigard. I find them both worth it.
But then… between Kunchen and Rigard, who would you give emblems? Who is more versatile?

One thing worth pointing out, Kunchen is going to be my tank in wars, as we are using purps.
But I like Rigard’s avg mana in other activities… (and I use Wilbur heavily in other activities, if that matters)

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Kunchen, hands down.

You can’t compare Rigard with Kunchen not even close. The only thing that Rigard have is Avg mana but He won’t survive not eaven half then Kunchen to fire his special so Kunchen won the medal because he does 4 things and Rigard 1 give live and clean up team

I chose to skip trying for Kunchen last month because I have Regard maxed and level 4 talent…

You will be able to get Regard maxed talents before Kunchen AND he will be as powerful if not more WITH average speed

A lot of people are so focused on giving all their emblems to ONLY 5* heroes and are ignoring some potentially powerful 4* heroes that can become 5* once their talents are maxed.

Do you know the damage you can do with a 5* type Wilbur or Proteus???..O…M…G

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I also have both, and I’m going with Kunchen at the moment, but his low mana speed is not very useful. Yes he can stay alive longer than Rigard, but the other heroes that need healing might not be able to hold on that long. So I will probably leave him at 2/60 where he is now, and level Rigard instead. Most of my heroes are 4* so by the time Kunchen has his power on, they are long gone.

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I just show you all how Rigard become yammy food for Kunchen


Figure I’d follow up - thanks to all :slight_smile:

If anyone finds themselves here, if you have one healer … use Rigard then Kunchen next.

If he’s a healer who tanks … it doesn’t take long for the other players to die before he charges up … or for him to be killed before he can fire - especially the snipers.

If you don’t mind a secondary healer - like Kiril or Boldtusk - do Kunchen first.

If he’s a tank who heals - The other healer will fill the gap nicely until the big heals come.

Drop the second healer as your other hero’s use unfarmsble assentions and get some beefy levels behind them.

Neither card is a waste

Rigard. Slow.mana healers will have no place in the game soon.

Ariel is the new standard for 5* healing.

Rigard is going to be soooo much quicker to fully level up! Plus, if you don’t have 6 tabards you will be left with a 3/70 5* and a 3/60 4* and frustrated cause you don’t have the mats for either.
Your first 4* team is going to be the backbone in which you play the game with.
Also, challenge events, a source of ascension materials isn’t going to let you bring a 5* into epic and a 3/60 hero is difficult to pass it with. And it’s difficult to get through legendary with a 3/70 hero.


I’ll just point out that Kunchen actually already has more defense and life at 3/70 than a maxed Rigard. Plus he can’t have his defense debuffed.

Rigard is good, but Kunchen is on another level.

I’d like to point out Rigard is quite durable. I use him almost 100% of the time. Some of these comments make him sound Melandor squishy. Not the case and you will not regret having him maxed.

Kunchen you may be on another level as mentioned above. But he is a 5* and a HOTM so he should be.

Eventually I will get Kunchen maxed (@ 60 now) and have both but Rigard is a very important hero to have throughout the game and once you get into diamond raiding he will save you so much.

I have 2 Rigards maxed and will probably max another on sometime.

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Ok, I think I need a pep talk. I have 7 tabbards. I have 8 trap tools. I have Kunchen at 2-60. He’s my only 5* purple hero. I don’t anticipate spending for a while so it’s just me and my buddy TC20…

…so why am I so bummed about the thought of using my ascension materials to max Kunchen? I think it’s the slow mana heal that makes me think twice. I already have Rigard maxed and I use him on Atlantis S2 hard and he works just fine.

I have Ares as my tank for defense and I have BT, Kiril, Sabina, and Rigard maxed for healers (waiting on Melendor). The only purple I really want right now is Quintus for class quests and damage but I may never get him from TC20. “The best one is the one you have” so is ascending Kunchen the right thing to do?

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Personally, if you have Rigard ;

I’d maybe give Kunchen some trap tools and hold off on Tabards until you reach 12 or are sure

He’s a good tanky Guy; the debuff is nice - but if you count on the heal - it can be painful until the rest of the team is strong enough to need heals less (or run a second that can heal)

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