Kunchen vs Aeron


I think sartana is better on a defense team than panther.



How so? And i think comparing the frequency of panther in the top 100 defense teams vs the frequency of sartana in top 100 defense teams would suggest otherwise. @Razor got data for this?

Personally i prefer AoE over single target heros in defense. Less room for error from the AI. Plus sartana has 1 trick, panther has several. Just my 2 cents tho



I’ve got Aeron in my main account, doubled with mother north for healing. Aeron is great in tile damage, immunity and HoT. My second account usually rotates Kiril or Boldtusk as healer, i have sargasso maxed for dark and would gladly bench him for Kunchen. Kunchen is a beast, i don’t even see his slow mana as a negative compared to what all the other show manas have to offer.



No specific reason. I just don’t see much threat at panther being the only purple on defense. Her debuff other heroes do too, and mostly have Zeline or Evelyn for that. Her defense is not good and her damage with the special is not frightening.
Sartana has good defense, and hits hard, even being able to kill a hero.
So speaking from my point of view, when I target someone with Panther I don’t have an extra worry about her even firing.



Thanks Rigs. That’s what other posts say too. I didn’t know i was so lucky when i pulled her. Not to hijack this post. I’m one tabard away. Also, I’m hoping to pull kunchen and have him waiting on tabards. I would not complain about that.



Looks like you haven’t understood using a panther. At first I also felt panther was not useful but I learned how to use it and I always asked myself “why TOP or senior players always say panther is a good hero in the dark element” and now I don’t regret getting it and maximizing it :wink:

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I didn’t want to open a new topic as mine fits 50% here.

Just pulled Kunchen and have Victor at 70 with 6 tabbards.

I use Rigard all of the time and he has got the emblems. I have level 13 mana troops.

This would probably be for a second raid team as my first is fun and doing well with Onatel recently added.

Facing Victor is annoying and he can be a pain.

So in a vacuum which one would you prefer knowing the above? Khiona is my current maxed purple 5* and used all the time.

Thanks in advance.

The team I use in raids now is Rigard Lianna Onatel Khiona Joon. All maxed.



Take Victor up and don’t look back.



I ended up leaning that way. Still need 1 trap tool but he will get them.


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Do you face a lot of guins? That’s where victor shines the most in my opinion. On defense i dont find him threatening



If I didn’t reroll I would probably face guin every time where I am at. Usually between 2500-2700 cups.



Then yea victor is worth the tabbards in my opinion. Kunchen is solid too but really doesnt bring anything to the table u cant find elsewhere



That is what I was thinking about Kunchen. My days of relying on defense down a lot are over. And Rigard heals for the same amount. The extra holy defense is nice but not a game changer.



I think he’s more designed for 13/14* titans and less for pvp. But playable in pvp.



I am not up there in titans yet. We are just starting 8* in a casual alliance. Although we are growing pretty nicely.



@Rigs - If I had a precise Algorithm to factor in ToA (Time of Availability) - period of time that the Heroes can be summoned I personally believe that Guardian Panther
would be the preferred Dark Legend in a single hero Dark assembly… playing against raiders.

Sartana easily is the most used Dark Hero, and has been since I have collected data (as of 7/29/2018) except for that 1 period where Drake ‘the Snake’ overtook her in the Top-5. Total Bad-■■■. Panther is clearly more diverse - but she isn’t taking out one of my heroes with a single hit.

I see now that the TITLE of this thread is Kunchen vs Aeron though LOL… (Not enough experience to talk to Kunchen, Aeron is a fine Hero - Great team encompassing Special). Are there better than Aeron - yes - better within the team line-up who is posing the question (not necessarily!!).

You can check stats through the Hero Utility and side by side them all… 4 different valuation points are considered. Kunchen in my limited raids (will be a couple hundred this weekend - will have much better idea after that) is a tough hero.




And for what its worth - Panther has spent a lot of time in the Top 6-10 rank (THE CONTENDERS)… that says a lot about her. Khiona, Victor and Kage (even Aeron to a degree - his use has taken a dive to those fore-mentioned however since the NEW YEAR) added into the mix has stretched use of both Panther and Sartana when considered in Rainbow teams, 2/1/1/1 and 2/2/1 is a different story. Sartana is always available for summoning (as well FREE in TC20’s) - Panther, limited to CE’s. Being the thread includes Aeron - adding him in.

Period Rank
2/9/2019 9
1/30/2019 16
1/16/2019 15
1/6/2019 6
12/27/2018 8
12/16/2018 13
12/5/2018 10
11/24/2018 10
11/17/2018 7
11/10/2018 8
11/3/2018 10
10/27/2018 12
10/21/2018 6
10/13/2018 6
10/6/2018 9
9/29/2018 9
9/22/2018 6
9/15/2018 10
9/8/2018 9
9/1/2018 8
8/25/2018 9
8/18/2018 8
8/11/2018 7
8/7/2018 9
7/29/2018 10
Period Rank
2/9/2019 5
1/30/2019 7
1/16/2019 4
1/6/2019 5
12/27/2018 4
12/16/2018 5
12/5/2018 3
11/24/2018 5
11/17/2018 5
11/10/2018 4
11/3/2018 5
10/27/2018 4
10/21/2018 5
10/13/2018 5
10/6/2018 3
9/29/2018 4
9/22/2018 5
9/15/2018 4
9/8/2018 2
9/1/2018 4
8/25/2018 5
8/18/2018 4
8/11/2018 3
8/7/2018 5
7/29/2018 4
Period Rank
2/9/2019 30
1/30/2019 25
1/16/2019 23
1/6/2019 24
12/27/2018 24
12/16/2018 14
12/5/2018 15
11/24/2018 10
11/17/2018 14
11/10/2018 12
11/3/2018 12
10/27/2018 13
10/21/2018 12
10/13/2018 13
10/6/2018 11
9/29/2018 11
9/22/2018 11
9/15/2018 11
9/8/2018 16
9/1/2018 11
8/25/2018 14
8/18/2018 10
8/11/2018 12
8/7/2018 12
7/29/2018 14

@Rigs @Kerridoc @Luiz (what up L!)…


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First Raid vs Kunchen this evening…



The last fight 4 of 4 shows you why you HAVE to watch out for ISARNIA!!!



Duuuuude! Having 2 Hels. Wow man!



Maybe someone can help me on my dilemma. I tried several atlantis pull today in hope to get ariel, but instead of ariel i pulled aeron. I have a fully ascended kunchen already, i fast leveled kunchen because he was my first serviceable purple hero my other hero was quintus(who will never be fully ascended) at that time, and i was very anxious to use my 12 tabbards already. Now should i ascend my aeron or wait for a fast hitting purple hero which i still dont have? My purple team kinda my worst team right now because they are the slowest. Should i benefit 2 purple healer on my defense?