Kunchen vs Aeron


She seems to be March’s HOTM.


March’s hotm

Blue average mana evelyn basically


Could I ask why Vivica is a game changer and Kunchen isn’t?

Thanks for the solid analysis :slight_smile:


Healers are primarily used for survivability of your team. Viv with her heal, cleanse and defense buff can turn the tide of a raid on its head. You could be in a very bad spot and with a viv heal rofl stomp your way to a win. Kunchen does help survivability to an extent, but the lack of a +60% def buff is huge. Say you have a team near death and the opp has an Alasie ready to fire. Viv will be clutch there, Kunchen prob won’t keep your hero from dying.

Kunchen is more of a snowball hero. He will help you win faster and hit harder (aka take a winning situation and make it even better). Viv can take a losing situation and turn it on it’s head.


I suppose it’s a case of whether you value attack over defence, your philosophy of life

Kunchen turns around a bad situation into one where attacking is more favourable with his Def down. (Attack is best form of defence approach)

Viv turns around a bad situation into solid defence (Defence is best form of defence approach)

In my humble view both are just as effective


I can respect that :slight_smile:

I am definitely more defensive in my approach.


Guys do Kunchen defence debuff stack with Wilburs or Grimm’s?


There is no reason why it should stack, since all three are standard defense debuffs.


Sorry maybe my English is not so well, but yiu got me confused, do they stack or no?


No, they don’t stack. Sorry if my English confused you.


As a mid to low diamond raider, I’d take on kunchen happily before aeron. The chance of killing him is simply better, and I use mostly 4* mana reduce/block heroes. (Hansel, Gretel, proteus, which would typically have fired by the time slow mana kicks in)

The way I see it, he’s not a ‘set and forget ‘ tank for your defence team. (Guin, does anyone use her for offence raids?)

Would I use him over aeron in an offence team? I don’t think so… aeron with average mana has already saved the day, and put a special shield up.

Which leaves titans… seems to be the best place for him, as would be a good addition to a dark stack.

Now if I could just pull either of them I’ll do the experiment and give you all the raw data…


From the other side: When attacking teams, Aeron has proved a PITA several times and saved the enemy. His protection against status ailments nullifies my mana controllers and it often gets ugly (for me).

Have yet to face a leveled Kunchen but I expect him to be troublesome for me.

I would happily take either, hope to have Kunchen by the end of the month b/c Wonderland and new Atlantis heroes are going to lead to some pulls (have saved up).

For those about to say “he is easy to take down”.
Please explain why or how he was easy for you to beat, in your actual experience, NOT just in theory.


You can use Kunchen to replace Tibby against high level titans and bring another purple 5* instead.
For top players probably Kunchen right now guarantee to have a similar outcome but survive more.

Aeron is probably a better hero (on titans) if you can bring Tibby without fear it get insta-killed, benefit from his higher attack and elemental link.

Raids i would say defence to Kunchen and attack to Aeron.


Sternman, I don’t necessarily think kunchen is easier to take down as such, he’s pretty tanky…
It’s more the idea that with slow mana, my mana control heroes have a better chance of firing before he goes off.
A good board, doesn’t matter who the tank is, they’re dead, a bad board doesn’t matter who the tank is, I’m in trouble. An average board I have a better chance against kunchen than aeron


I don’t find Aeron’s presence as a decisive re-roll factor in raids… Maxed Kunchen as tank would make me do that probably… we’ll see how he fares in a few weeks…


Thank you. Agreed about the boards, the tank just tilts the field a bit to one side or the other.

It is also a bit academic for me, I may get Kunchen but do not have Aeron and odds of getting him are extremely low so: love the one you (may soon) have…


Just some of the heroes im slowly levelling at the moment and wanted see what stacks with Kunchen… Kunchen Boomer and Khagan specials active…


I’m surprised about the praise for Aeron. Clearly I do not have him so miss the WOW due to ignorance (no sarcasm!).I surmise he’s really good on offense?

I only see him on defense and there’s he’s a dead spot (as are most healers) because he doesn’t do anything that frightens me. Facing Kunchen would be also quite okay considering his slow mana… but if by chance he would go off I would think I would be in a lot more trouble than against an Aeron fart.


I know this isn’t the direction of your question, but if you have Aeron or Gato and get the special going before the bunny fires, the they don’t get a debuff. Makes the bunny’s much more durable and interesting.


That much i know and the direction i waa goin with that post is pointless due to the holy buff bein an elemental link that has it’s own category