Kunchen vs Aeron


if bringing 2 tc20 heros and killing a hotm before he fires his special is the best argument you have for kunchen being a good defensive hero then i think that speaks for itself…


Youre right—my example of generic -defense was wrong, should have been Isarnia. Fixed.


I think that bringing the right heroes to kill heroes before they fire is the best strategy for every attacker regardless if he is attacking core or premium heroes.

But this weren’t what I were saying.

What I were saying is that hero’s stats would progress and that glassier heroes as G. Jackal, that for now is an excellent counter to every purple hero, will gradually lose his pro.
Dead Jackals can’t bark…


:100: accurate. You can beat a 4000 power team with GM tank with a 3400 4* blue red stack, doesn’t matter


So basically what you’re saying is that mana speed is irrelevant in a hero discussion?

Glass or no glass, very fast is very fast. So not sure how you see him becoming any less viable against purple tanks or flanks when he’s pretty much guaranteed to fire at least once which is enough to make any purple hero pretty vulnerable


@Feardragonx Yes, color stacking is indeed a powerful tool but I were not saying what you could have thought: I were saying that with more stats divergence lower tier counters (as a 4* holy hero -G. Jackal- against a possible 5* dark tank -Kunchen- would become worse day after day).


I don’t know you but almost 90% of my first kills are tank kills and out of these kills 80% are done by tiles alone, thanks to color stacking. Glass is glass and very fast is very fast, ok…
but glass also breaks and while it’s pretty much certain that it would fire this could still let you 4vs4. In the worst cases the AI could outright kill an AoE injured G. Jackal without him casting his special on the tank, due to his frailty.

Ok, taking out the tank is crucial for a victory but also important to live enough to do so.


Eh agree to disagree i guess.

You’re right jackal is useless against purple heros lol


Aeron for me.

More versatility for offense and defense with average mana as compared to slow mana.

The prevention of ailments and cleanse for the 3 turns can annoy attackers as well instead of just cleanse and get debuffed again. Every turn counts in my opinion. This is the biggest advantage of Aeron.


I’m not saying that G.Jackal isn’t a good counter to purple heroes right now but eventually he will lose his edge with emblem’s progression.


Kunchen’s holy +defense protects against all attacks from any holy hero. Unlike Domitia’s special, however, Jackal does not flip that protection; they both are in effect, effectively cancelling each other out. Fire Jackal at Domitia, however, and her holy +defense is erased and replaced by Jackal’s holy -defense.

The problem with Kunchen at tank is that this holy +defense only kicks in after Kunchen casts, and with a slow-mana hero, that cast may come too late. He does have the stats to survive, however.


The slow mana is why im not going for him, and thats the only reason.


I have them both maxed, and I truly love them both. The problem with Aeron is that his cleanse and resist is limited to only nearby heroes and the HOT is limited when compared to other HOT hereos. However, when he works, he wins you the raid hands down. Kunchen is a little more reliable i would say as you know what you are getting with him and he is tanky enough to survive long enough to give you what you need (unlike viv who can die early). He also has great synergy with Panther, Kage and Sartana.

Between the both of them, as a first healer I would go Aeron with Kunchen to follow. Kunchen isnt a game winning healer. Aeron, Viv, Alby, Ares, Tarlak and the soon to be released Ariel are. But apart from Ares, no other healer will help you as much in all 4 facets of the game (Offense, Defense, Titans and Events).


I can testify to Zero’s comments. He blasted me when I attacked him last evening with Kunchen keeping everyone up and running


your analysis sounds legit to me. What i dont like is how jackal stacks on top of the elemental buff. Something about that just doesn’t seem right. Guess it being an elemental link is the kicker that makes that mechanic work. I was lookin at the issue that kiril buff doesnt stack on top of the bunnies debuff, but since that’s not an elemental link then i guess it’s the exception.

Has me thinking frida + athena + alasie could be an interesting trio against some of the zeline+evelyn duos i’ve ran into lately in raids


Elemental links have always seemed a little weird to me. It doesn’t make total sense but eh. It’s like war aids, stacks with everything.

I’m salivating on Frida, Athena, Lepus. That will be soooo stupidly brutal. I just need to find 2 more d blades and 8 more scopes…


blade coming in Farholme II this week likely


That one is reserved.


I think that’s a very good point. Class progress is slowly going to reduce the popularity of specialty heroes in favor of generalists that can compete in all areas. It’s also going to dampen the use of duplicate heroes on teams for as long as it’s not realistic to have two maxed in the same class.


Maybe. I dont see 10 heros per year dampening the use of non classed heros anytime soon.

Color stacking will still be viable. -54% against an element is still -54% defense against a particular element whether it’s a 800 defense hero takin the hit, or 1k defense hero takin the hit, it’s going to hurt


Hopefully this is not a dumb question, but who is Frida?