Kunchen vs Aeron


If you had both heros at 3/70 and 6 tabbards, who would you take to 80 and what is your deciding factor?


I would go for Aeron for his capability to prevent status alignment and protect 3 heroes from e.g. Jackal. It looks like every new HotM is just a second class citizen where those released a year ago rule and it is statistically nearly impossible to get them. Something is wrong with E&P.


His slow mana is the biggest drawback in my opinion.

If i want to use a slow mana defense debuffer, i’ll go isarnia who is damages and has the bigger debuff

If i want a slow mana healer, i’ll go viv who buffs the defense without color confinement

If i just want a healer in my lineup then there other average mana options with similar or better perks.

Leaning towards aeron myself but figure i’d see what the general consensus is. I dont have kunchen and probably wont get him. Hero discussions interest me none the less though


My vote would be Aeron 100%. THe ability to prevent status hits is so great. He is a mainstay as a “tank” in my raid attack team flanked by Sartana and Kage.


i believe that if you’re not 100% sure the hero deserves the AM one should wait for v20 as hero tinkering has been announced by devs


Just thought it’d be a fun discussion. Alby and viv will probably always be my only maxed slow manas.


I vote Aeron myself…


i still haven’t found the courage to max Alby. I have tarlak, evelyn and 1 tonic away from zeline or alby but tending to zeline

in the purple healer situation my aeron is 4/80 and so far no regrets


My choices were alby, lockr, or greg.

I never expected to get alby so of course as soon as i got him i went all fanboy and maxed him, a day later was wishing i chose locke or greg for titans.


so i guess Zeline it is :smile:. Greg will stay at 3/70 and next i will probably go with morgan


Actually on a second thought, I am undecided now. If we talk about tank then Kunchen may be a very good option. His stats are good and I really appreciate they left 815 defense, also he is immune to Isarnia or other similar heroes and somehow immune to Jakal - once he starts his special, Jackal is out. On the other way he can get a friendly defence buff (e.g. from Vivica 63%) So, he can either be killed very quickly before he gets a chance to charge his slow mana or via a different colour debuffer- e.g. Evelyn or via mana stoppers like Hel - but for that his talent is cleric and has a bit of resistance for mana spells. So, this is not as bad as it originally sounded and he may become a very good tank and a match for Guinevere’s monopoly status. I also hope that other tank options will come on light, so Guinevere won’t be boring accessory of everyone anymore.


at this point i’m missing a cleaner so he’d be a welcome add to my roster that said i like both heroes in forced choice it’s kunchen his benefits are tankish demeanor don’t think he’ll be workable at 3/70 where as aeron seems useable at that level could be wrong again i have neither


Aeron is great on my raid team! Same as you, I tank him, but on his flanks are Panther and Khiona.


I vote for Aeron. I think Kunchen is so bad in comparison to Aeron that I even decided not to do any epic/elemental summons this month. I really fear to have this useless 5* dark healer in my deck. I got Aeron and Rigard fully leveled. If I want another purple healer I would start leveling Sabina…Kunchen is not worth the trap tools.


I do not understand, why you guys do not think much of Kunchen? To me he looks amazingly good.


Kunchen against titan, Aeron in wars.Which one is important for you ?(Is allowed to use bad english ? :smiley: )


Aeron coz dispellable immunity on status ailments is dang fantastic. Aeron is also average mana speed vs Kitchen’s slow.


Aeron’s card posted here for reference

Kunchen’s card:

Purely for tank position and amount of heal and ‘heal in one go’ I vote Kunchen

Aeron is more likely to die in tank before he gets a chance to immune up

I’m very surprised that people are doubting Kunchen. I’m not dissing Aeron. I’m surprised people are dissing Kunchen.

I get that people fear Jackal but that’s not a reason to throw Kunchen in the bin


At least Kunchen dispel the whole team and helps the team by lowering opponent’s defense.
Both are good but Kunchen is more like a healer meant to increase your damage, like Boldtusk.


Just wish his yellow D buff was for the whole team. And still wish he was average mana