Kunchen, Santa or Telluria as tank?

Can’t decide. All 3 are great tanks. So which one would be best on that position and where to place other two?

  • Kunchen
  • Santa
  • Telluria

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Is your plan to use all three in the same lineup?

Or are you just asking which is the best tank out of the ones you have?


Yep, all 3. That’s why I’m asking coz it’s a quite a pickle :slight_smile:

Any reason you’re using all three? 2 slow heroes on a defense isn’t ideal…

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I had the same concerns as @Math4lyfe

If you’re using all 3 my answer would shift to a line up of:

Telluria - Kunchen - Santa

For your left flank, tank and right flank. But as mentioned charging speed is quite important on defense and while the tank can normally handle being slower, it’s not as adviseable on the flanks or wings.

But I believe in the current state - Telluria is the best tank out of the three.


Not the best idea. Slow defence, low damage. Good chance for the attacker to recover from bad board.
Telluria as a tank flanked by fast heroes or enough powerfull slower heroes. Rigard costume as Kunchen replacement. Santa on the bench. Or you have many 4*mats and no other options you can ascend Kunchen.


I also have Poseidon and Vela on the sides. Thanks everyone for your replies and time :slight_smile:

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Those are three awesome tanks, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. I am very interested in how your three Tanky heroes defense works out. Please follow up at a later time and let us know.

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I sure will :slight_smile:


If you can possibly sub out Kunchen I would recommend it. Telluria is the best tank you can ask for and with her mana debuff Santa can survive as a flank, while Vela is the ideal flank on the other side. Kunchen is the odd man out here since his heal and defense down are both redundant, and the wing is the worst possible spot for him.

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I think Santa should be average speed when comparing Telluria…

Santa at tank, telluria on his wing. Get rid of kunchen

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Thanks guys for your time and kind comments! Telluria is a defnite tank, not just for my team :slight_smile:

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That’s a lot of people commenting here that don’t know anything about hero placement and Mana speed. You can absolutely have three slow Heroes on your defense team with no ill effects and they belong on the flanks no five star healer belongs on the Wings except maybe mother Claus on the right wing you’re slow Heroes will do fine flanking your tank give them monitor increasing troops if you could put them on increasing hero in there it might be helpful. One of my most successful defensive line UPS is frosth viv santa zulag lianna, i RARELY loose and usualy have a cake walk with tel as tank opposition, use santa as your tank. Excelsior@