Kunchen or Vivica, which is better?

When i tested in beta i’m totally sure all the defence down skill were stopped. Even Jackals.

But again, i do not test it every single new beta version, and it can be changed in a later version?


That’s helpful insight, thanks. It’d be nice to get clarity on that before we end up with “Kunchen isn’t working” threads if it turns out that elemental defense debuffs aren’t included in the resistance.

But it’s good to know you tested it along the way and saw they were, since that seems logical.


It would be nice if he was, since like @Kerberusz I was also lucky with a token. (I love him too!)

But if he was it would be too good.

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Another hero can compete against him for yellow titan and he’s not even purple and 5*… Wilbur <3 and because i have Khiona… Free massive damage.
I didnt knew/noticed of that synergy, but it works and its quite deadly.


He will be a better tower defense tank, but i dont see him being a war tank, at least none I would see, because all alliances I face run a mono tank color… and purple isnt good for that

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Basically Tiburtus & Rigard as a slow purple 5* hero.

Monk class would be more powerful, but Cleric is nice against yellow roster - as others have pointed out.

Purple & yellow heroes are weird.

Gravemaker takes half Damage from physical attacks from green titans/ bosses AND Gravemaker’s physical attacks do double damage to green titans/ bosses.

But Guinevere takes half damage from physical attacks from yellow titans/ bosses AND Guinevere’s physical attacks do HALF damage to yellow titans/ bosses. So while more survivable, actually same Total Damage Output before death- in a non timed battle.

The Devs seem to have tried to patch that by giving Kunchen & Guinevere defense buffs against their strong color enemies, but this only helps while the buff is up and not waiting to charge, dispelled or stolen. And neither is as strong as a Green/ Blue/ Red heroes natural defense against its strong color enemies because that would break raiding and war. Yeah, that paragraph confuses even me. Purple and Yellow are weird.

At least Kunchen’s defense buff is non dispellable/ non stealable.

If I get him the second Thursday of the Month ( Grimforest or Wonderland), I will be happy, but there are other 5*’healers I like more like Fighter yellow 5* Delilah or rumored Cleric Blue 5* Ariel.

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They are both good ca7se I don’t have them.
Kunch is way better … cause I will.never have him.

Yes, in beta he don’t:

That’s helpful, thanks. Sounds like that may have varied in beta versions, based on what @Elpis said:

@Alberto1 Was it your experience in a very-close-to-release version of beta that the holy debuff applied?

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The last one. 20 char

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Probably after, as i remember i tested it immediately.
That’s a real shame, i liked it works on both.

And now that i look at him in real game, his attack and defence stayed the same as before?
I really am outdated.


I dunno either. I don’t have even 4* healer :frowning: Developer please give him, give kunchen for me. My defense will complete if he join me, (having no dark element in mny defense, can I beg for this one :’( pleaseeeeeeee )

Ps: I know you r not a developer, but I thought they would read it. (Might be yes… Or hiks)

I’m quite confused about it.
It is the first Kuchen version.
Exactly the same stats as Onatel.

The last beta version have an higher attack and a lower defense.


And his special description is kinda buggy :grin:

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The resist status ailments droptext says that it does not apply to elemental debuffs. Would have been awesome. Now he is just as good as a tank as other dark fellows

Triton’s increased healing doesn’t applies on allies under sand heroes DoT:
Increased healing VS undispellable healing reduction

I think that his E.defense resist, being undispellable, could be removed just by death or by expiring.

And I don’t see Kageburado with the E.defense, soo…

Heroes have to cast their special to put their link up. Kunchen obviously hasn’t cast yet.

Affirmative. And while his E.defense buff would be active he would be immune to G. Jackal’s effect.

Uhm… I saw on another topic that strangely both of these status effects could coexist :man_shrugging:


I don’t have kunchen yet but vivica is my center. With rumplestiltskin, Lianna,Marjana,and Sartana.With this team i tak Gm head on.:grin:

I routinely seek out defenses that run slow heroes because it it objectively weak in the current high damage fast meta. If you have them, do as you please with them, I certainly wouldn’t use them as food I just wouldn’t choose them over many of the other options. Hell, I kept four of my five Elena, but the fact that I haven’t fed her to anybody doesn’t mean that I think she’s a great hero…

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