Kunchen or Obakan

Who would you guys level to 80 first?

Kunchen. Obakan is not particularly effective.


I, and my wife, love Obakan.


It depends on your current 4* 3.60, 4* 4.70, 5* 2.60, 5* 3.70 roster.

5* 4.80 heroes get all the attention, but 4* heroes are the backbone of Empires.


Click for details on spending hero XP and Obakan attack team

Spending Hero XP

Obakan attack team

ARCHIVE- How my wife broke Empires- not her first time breaking a game- or Purple and Yellow are weird when attacking, especially in raids

Obakan and Kunchem may both be dark 5s, but they are completely dissimilar. What will you be using the winner for?