Kunchen inate ability bug?

So kunchen had resisted both Merlin and hansel special ability. His skill says resist against defense debuffs. Both Merlin and hansel cause self inflicted damage or confusion to attack others.

Has nothing do with defense right?

It’s a mana special from merlin and hansel. Kunchen is cleric, he can avoid the special because of his class :slight_smile:

Hansel and Merlin does not give defense debuff.
Regular Defense debuff is like from: Wilbur, Gormek, Grimm, Tiburtus, etc…

Also Kunchen does not resist againts Elemental defense debuff, he only resist regular defense debuff.

@Dinger.33 you talking about his talent ability? Because every time it popped up resist I think. It was down to him and joon. So i had plenty of free space to mana up quickly.

Doesnt seem be a talent because it only activates on a random percentage.

Corect it resist mana shield from Cleric class talent, and it is random.

@jinbatsu thanks for confirming my heros special doesnt effect defense. It’s possible it was talent but I hit him like 10x between the two. Still think it needs be looked into.

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