Kunchen, hel, or sartana to level

I finally have the mats to ascend kunchen, hel, or sartana, here is a list of my 5*

kunchen, sartana, hel
elkanen, kaidelen
Richard, isarina
Leonidas, vivica, justice

I know standing alone hel is probably the best choice, then kunchen, then sartana, but i have no snipers

i was thinking running satana viv, isarina, and waiting for better green and red heroes. i have the mats to ascend a rainbow (minus one set of poison darts) 5* team but as of yet don’t have any 5* passed 3*70

looking for suggestions

Hel is too good to go past if you have no other 5s ascended. If she isn’t the best in the game, she isn’t far away

Kadilen is probably your best green on defense but don’t hurry to spend your mats on her. I have a soft spot for Elkanen, but there are better greens for sure. If you’re pulling a bit, I’d wait

Isarnia is good, Richard is average. Probably worth the mats on Issy

Khagan is ok since last buff. Maybe wait a bit so you don’t regret spending the rings, like green

Agree Viv on yellow, given it will be awhile til you can ascend Kunchen

no doubt here -> only Hel


Green wait

Red wait

Blue - Isarnia

Yellow - Vivica

Kun and Viv are a dream team of health, debuff and cleanse. Hel 2nd set of Mats, while Kun tanks you to Hel(l)…

Hel is the way to go. Finding another tank is doable with your lineup but Hel’s power is so unique to the game that shes top tier in all aspects of the game. Raids, Titans, Events, Defense, War. Hel can do it all well.

I’d give mats to Kunchen, but I already have Proteus maxed and emblemed up to 14, so, as much as I agree that Hel is one of the best in the game, Kunchen would be my first choice. Proteus can succsfuly substitute for Hel, while she waits for a brand new set of tabards … If no Proteus, go for Hel, no regrets.

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I had this very same problem i had Kunchen almost to 3-70 when i drew Hel i decided to level kunchen since he was already Kunchen up. and i only had to wait for 2 tabbards which i got before hel was 3/70 . i color match so it took a while. now that i have hel up all the way i wish i would have dropped everything including kunchen and leveled her.

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As a big Kunchen fan, crushing hard on him even (mine is +5), I’d still say Hel without doubt. I have a maxed protopod and Hel is all that and a lot more. Use her everywhere and Hel#2 will go before next purple 5 to max. That’s how good she is.

Kunchen 1st, then Hel, Sartana last.

Hel. It’s always Hel.

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thanks for all the help, i have a +9 emblem proteus that I use but sounds like hel is significantly better looking towards hel for the Ascension

She’s a wizard like Proteus so you can just move emblems to her.

  • She’s a 5* so better stats without doubt = more viable
  • Deals extra damage against yellow
  • The jinx talent works much better for her than for Proteus because her special deals direct damage. Proteus’ DoT isn’t affected by jinx.

The only thing I miss since I replaced Proteus with her is that he bypasses counterattack with his DoT. But in overall, she’s much better than Proteus.

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