Kunchen emblems

I was thinking of removing Kunchens emblems and dispensing them to white rabbit and/or woolerton.
I have vivica as healer when needed. Telluria as tank, as kunchen won’t hold diamond in raids at all anymore.


Kunchen seems nearly useless at this point. :frowning:

White rabbit is a good hero, but fast and fully ascended doesn’t really need emblems unless in your defense. Just my view

The sheep seems a good option. If you take her to full emblems then she has a 30% chance to dodge her own negative. (Running her with Poseidon and firing him first is also a good thing to do)

If you have Rigard, particularly with costume, I think he is the best spot for cleric emblems in current meta

No Poseidon so far, but I do have Kadilen, so I may pair them up at some point for offense.

Thank you!

Kadilen and the sheep have no synergy that I am aware of.

I was saying Poseidon because he a sheep are same colour and speed, and his special stops mana debuffs, which means she cannot stop herself generating mana

Don’t get me wrong Kadilen is very handy, but not sure what she gives the sheep? I could be missing something…

I agree, he’s too slow for the current meta.
I’d rather max emblem 3 Rigards than 1 Kunchen, especially when you have Rigard’s costume too. :slight_smile:

Once I have redistributed paladin emblems from queen of Hearts to Tell, I’ll have the same decision to make.

White Rabbit is proving very effective on my defence team at maxed + 4. It’s a tough decision!

Go for White Rabbit. I personally would fully concentrate on the 5 heroes that form your war defense and not split emblems for those 5. :slight_smile:

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Hi leader of 7DD :slight_smile: just fun , hi friend which means I need to remove my focus on kunchen and focus on green legendary or boril ?

Thanks for the advice.

My alliance has recently switched to green tanks in war and so stripping Kunchen seems a lot less of an issue now than it was a few weeks ago.

I’m also going to strip Kingston of emblems and redistribute them to Killhare. This will bring White Rabbit, Tell and Killhare all to around +15 :grinning:

Going back to the original question - if Kunchen is not on your war D as tank, it looks as though it will be worth stripping him. White Rabbit is a great hero!

Wow I never thought this topic whatever come up as he’s been such a very useful and impactful hero over the last year and a half. I still have 18 emblems on mine and I still use him and he’s currently the only defense down five-star hero that I have. I do have fully costume Rigard with about six or seven emblems I think? And I know he’s average versus Kunchen slow.

It’s definitely hard to take emblems off of somebody when they have 1147 defense and almost 1700 health

Depends on how your defense will look like at the end. Currently there’s an emblem conflict between Kunchen and Elkanen as they are both Clerics. Any other options for purple and/or green?

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My purple and green not so good and my whole set also not have many heroes lol

Please check my whole hero set here => Does my current roster can stand for future E&P


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