Kudos on quest update


The unique rewards for uncommon quests is a really nice update. I’m enjoying them a lot.

I’m looking forward to seeing a rare quest to see the changes there as well.


I would love to see more rare wanted quest i enjoyed them


I would enjoy them more if I didn’t keep dying. :laughing:


So. Unfortunately a miss in the rare quest. One big issue was that there was not a quest only item on the fourth level. This was a lot of work for common items and there are a lot of people who can only get to four (I was one of them for a while)

I had expected a bonus on the fifth level like the uncommon quests have. That expectation was a let down I received the two listed ascension items that I don’t need (yet)

So, great job on the uncommon quests. Rare quests, not so much.


I wanted to post this in merc letter but you aren’t allowing posts to that. Why did you not put a simple 5 day timer to the Titan chest. If you have to be in an alliance for 12 hours to get a Titan chest point what happens when the Titan drops early? No point I am assuming so you want us to gamble or no chest meanwhile everyone else gets one. Seeing so many quit today has been difficult especially after already loosing Chu and several other to another game. Please do something to compromise this update is a terrible idea. A timer would have made it fair and still allowed us to help other users while helping you keep the game going. We are one of your main sources of player retention.