Kuchin Purple Healer

Kunchin mana can’t be correct. At least mine can’t be. Its easy enough to test and he needs 1 more tile then anyone comparable for 1st charge. I can even take a no emblem Domita with lower mana troop (21) and charge in 9 tiles. Kuchin maxed emblem gives me mana bonus and using lvl27 mana troop. Yet he needs 10 tiles 1st charge… Really wish they would fix that. The 1 tile makes more difference then you might think. Even more so with back to back hits from Frigg and Odin

Currently, there is no way to charge a slow mana speed hero with 10 tiles (unless they have costume bonus). So even with emblem tree mana bonus (2%) and L27 mana troop (13%), he will still need 11 tiles to charge.

Domitia, on the other hand, is a average mana speed hero, so you can charge her with 9 tiles with a L23 mana troop (13%), or emblem tree mana bonus (2%) + L17 mana troop (11%).

See this relevant chart for more information. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answers! I missed Kunchin was slow mana. It sure feels like he was avg mana when released and awhile after. It took me a year to get him and then set in roster for a long time. I totally over looked he was slow mana… So all told here, Kunchin actually charges rather good for slow.


Kunchen is still pretty good for a slow healer. He’s like a purple bunker with max emblems. During v.fast tourneys he’s a beast in offense and defense.

My opinion may be biased cuz he was my first HOTM though :sweat_smile:

I have 2 Kunchens. One at 3/70, the other unleveled, even if I have 23 tabards in my inventory (24th will be on the Morlovia rare quest this month). Both obtained from Atlantis portal on different occasions. Apart from being slow, he is expensive to level, ascend, max and emblem. I relegate my purple healers to 4 maxed costumed Rigards and costumed Sabina. At average speed, they charge their mana at 9 tiles if supported with a level 5 mana troop. Relatively easy and cheap to level, ascend, max and emblem these epic purple healers.

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