Ku-fu or Cupid?

The others are: Mitsuko, C-Aislan, Guardian Falcon, Daredevil, Wilbur.

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Cupido is average and mana control is a great and versatile talent, even though Khufu hits like a truck :slight_smile:

Here is a poll for you:

Who to max next?

  • Khufu
  • Cupido

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Some heroes names are different in other languages and people might then try to translate again the name from their native language in English for the forum. Hence, the differences and the funny names.

PS I wrote this post just in order to be able to use the word “Hence” :stuck_out_tongue:


Which one is Daredevil? Xenda? (Language translation issues I get. Though since the official forum language is English, if not using the English names, is recommend screenshots to avoid this. I know I was really confused once trying to figure out which hero was “Candle” until I considered a mistranslation from Spanish of Vela).

Without the full context of your existing red heroes, these are my thoughts.


  • Hit really hard. However, the chain effect coupons with his speed does risk a break in the chain. Assuming the middle hero is the one taken out, his potential is immediately halved.
  • EDD is great for titans and is the highest there is, both overall, and in red specifically. However, it only hits one target so leaves much to be desired on offense, and to a lesser extent, defense.
  • Overall, I see him primarily as a hero to use in rush or on titans. Overall, I don’t see him having the longest shelf-life since SG is introducing higher and higher damage dealers at faster speeds. See Kemeny who with two ailments can hit harder and faster than Khufu. Or also Anne and Jove, who deal somewhat lower damage, but much faster. Simply put, damage dealers are usually the first to be rendered obsolete, and I expect it won’t be long until Khufu is thoroughly outclassed as a damage dealer. His EDD, however, I think will be relevant for a long time since I see no higher EDD in beta, and even if it does happen, the odds of getting any particular hero are slim.


  • Okay, but not great damage.
  • Valuable mana control allowing you to stop 3 heroes on their tracks.
  • While controlling enemy mana, he also provides healing without having a dedicated healer, this is useful and will only become more so as defenses start hitting harder when they fire.
  • 9-tile charge with a 12% mana boost
  • Excellent passive
  • This is a hero who isn’t dealing obscene amounts of damage, but offers considerable utility that should hold it’s value well long term (It doesn’t really matter how strong heroes get if they can’t actually fire their skills).For rush, he is less of a threat than Khufu, but also deals with the ubiquitous Alfrike so much better since he can ignore her mindless attack and give her a taste of her own medicine.

Unless your priorities are setting up a rush defense, titans, or mythic titans, I would favor Cupido over Khufu as a more utility based hero.


For me personally I would go for Cupido
He will serve you well for quite a while in the game
Whichever hero you choose luck


If you’re planning on using for all wars, then cupid… Khufu isn’t ideal for standard wars.

I would do a couple c2kelile, or junaid instead of either 5*.

Both are excellent for rush but you can use them at 370 there without a big drop off while you figure out your next ascension options.

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How do you know there is no Spiderman in my language?