Kryptonite or Antidote? Which heroes have a nemesis?

I got four Zoccs too, in not even a high pulling month. Shoot me, I ate two of them. I was looking forward to levelling him and Chameleon to 3.70 at least, but then came Valhalla with Almur, Bertilla and Frigg, a very joyous but excessively green result, so everything’s up for a rethink. The rest of this thread is going to inform my decisions for sure. Don’t think Zocc will be much of a priority though, since I do have Hansel for a similar job if not so tough. On that note: Hansel vs pretty much anyone slower than he is :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and the delightful Kingston vs hard-hitting AOE. Precede him with JF (thank you for the buff) or follow him with Rigard (damage, what damage?) and the likes of Isarnia may as well not have bothered to turn up. Or Frigg… see, there goes my rethink again…

Malosi against Kunchen / Finley " You want to decrease my defense? No you can’t. But here comes my punch…*poof .and you can not cast it anyway." (Finley even stops hitting after failing Malosi.)

Captain of diamonds against Queen of hearts “Well I can’t do much of a damage but I clear your minion cards to stop you from taunting others.”

Cheshire Cat and Obakan on your team. “Hey Cat I can’t reach out to both wings. Could you do any magic?” (50% chance that it will work)…but also could make the situation worse :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:

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Krampus vs Frigg, no damage to 4 heroes, and no defense down. Sorry queen, your reign is over.

Krampus versus any AOE really

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Great shout

Cheshire Vs Formation Synergy - shame your riposte is in the corner and your glass cannon is in the firing line!

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Ametrine / Kageburado against Black knight “What is your mantra ? - Just a flesh wound. Not in my house.”


Some are counters to themselves.

Ratatoskr / Jott against themselves. “I say shields are strong. Weak. Strong. Weak.”

Kvasir (Freya) against themselves. “Haha. Now you can’t bring your bees (moths) out.”

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Sometimes Wilbur is behind a blue tank. so C-Melendor does an even better job to counter Wilbur than Wilbur does to himself

I only ever really see Wilbur in 4* no blue Tournaments. I still hold that’s there’s nothing as satisfying as letting their Wilbur fire and then flip it with your Wilbur :joy:

Kvasir VS Kvasir and Bera VS Bera is always fun. Also Gunnar VS C. Gunnar.

Nice point there actually. Boss Wolf does give himself and nearby increased mana, so that’s why I considered him.

Bera v LOTL and any minion maker. She was a godsend for that event that passed w LOTL as the final bosses

lady Loki against any ailments FTW. Easily one my favorite players to use!

Miki vs. Alfrike: What is that? Mindless? Oh but I am immune. And by the way, SHUT UP!

Miki vs. Zocc: Same as above. But if you use Zocc against Miki that one time in a blue moon you see him in defense, you’re definitely weird.

Bertila vs. Santa: Defense and attack down? No you.


Has anyone tried Atomos against Ninjas? I feel they would be taking full damage every time with the charge mechanism…

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Just experienced this in rush attack war today, kind of by accident. Frida tank, so brought mono green. their team included Kunchen and Evelyn. they fire at once.

then suddenly… my Bertila.

sorry not sorry for all that defense down you now have. did i mention my team was all green? bye bye


Some more to the list:
C Sabina or c melendor vs taunters, sif and any reflect heroes and c kadilen
Wilbur vs any reflect heroes
Baldur vs boards that dry up

On the subject of cSabina…

cSabina vs cRigs or cMelendor (or any hero that gives HoT and/or buffs). Turns them all except cRigs into meat shields; at least cRigs gets rid of the buff block, but everybody else just keeps firing blanks

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