Kryptonite or Antidote? Which heroes have a nemesis?

Just remembered Baldur vs LotL…your minions can’t stop my Allies from killing you… and of course Jade, you steal our mana? I don’t think so

Also Wilbur vs any riposte. Or vs any defense down

Ursena vs Odin… bring it on you f…ather-of-all…!!!

I think you mean Kage vs BK, BT is Boldtusk.


Myz vs Bera: Gives back poision damage AND the block minion ability. Lets you tile dump into her and she and her buddies won’t be able to receive new minions. Works for Lady Loki too but she will generally not return the ailment to all opposing heroes and not for the full duration

Gefjon vs Bera: not as effective as Myz but steal some wasps then use them to stop everyone from getitng more wasps

Zocc vs Ninjas: 1st tier? Go ahead and fire, that tickles. 2nd or 3rd tier? Look at that, no more mana!

Zocc vs fast/VF heroes: No more mana for you. Go hit your buddy. See this? I put some more tiles into you and charged myself. Now go and hit your buddy again

Myz vs Onatel: 60% chance of being hit, but if he is hit then applies back to all opposing heroes. You can then tile dump into Onatel - which gains you mana - which Onatel steals - which Myz steals back from her

Mist vs Kadilen: Flips the special defense up into a special defense down

Zocc vs S3 bosses: Extremely powerful specials with extremly slow charge times. a Zocc on the team almost seems like a cheat


I think Skadi and Grimble are the best counters to Fera and Bera (in fact more than counters as they turn use those minions to feed themselves and to get the win). However I think Noor is very viable as a counter and I use her on my ailment flipping team of Myz, Lady Loki, Zocc and C Rig whenever there is a tank summoner including Bera and Freya (preferably Bera). The innate minion ability helps to control the minion infestation early on and for each Bera/Freya summon the innate minion is likely to kill off at least 2-3 of those minions

I have a foolish amount of Green 5* and I’m 1 tonic away from a decision. Zocc is in the mix I won’t lie. He’s got a lot of potential as you note above.

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Is Myztero good? Is he worth it the tabbards?

Theres a whoooole lotta posts on this one haha.
I’m absolutely loving my myz he is at 12 emblems now. I have dedicated an anti ailment team with him and lady loki and it works great. Without both they work decently but not as well I love the option of having it in 2 colors.
Most people who have him say he is not worth it. I say he definitely is if you are a strategic player.

The team I’m playing with at the moment is lady loki myz zocc c rigard and noor. About to post a 9 raid run on the buff myztero topic if you want to have a look. Have a bunch of other vids there too

I’ll write up a quick comparison of him vs lady loki in a few minutes

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Thanks a lot!

I actually visited a couple of threads talking about him, and yes, most of the people say he is meh.

Due to that I ascended Jabber first, but being in my alt, f2p account (which got EVERYTHING last year only with coins), I feel obligated to ascend him next.

Thanks for the info, I will go back to his thread to look out for your insight on him.

Here is my analysis:

Objectively looking at it I came up with the same scores for both. In terms of impact and enjoyability I actually favour Myz more. Those matches where you can return an Alfrike, or a Malosi, or Morgan, or Jabber, or C Azlar, or Onatel special - to all - or 5 memorised ailments combined - are really quite special.

If you can buff his defense through embleming him his usefulness greatly increases. If you can get L Loki to 9 tiles her usefulness increases

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The only problem is to survive Alfrike’s special, so I think defense and HP are mandatory for him.

About Lady L, I ran out of luck in that account, so I hardly doubt I will ever pair her with Myz.

Absolutely agree. My intention is to get him to 18/19/20 - for rogue class there aren’t too many defensive nodes until 12, but after that i will get a few plus the 3 dodge nodes. That will make a huge difference. The 15% dodge has already saved his a$$ quite a few times.

I used Lady Loki as a reference point because she is considered a great hero, and a lot of people know how she works and like her mechanics. She is not a mandatory to run with him, but I liked the concept of having ailment rebuffers in 2 colors

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Who are the competitors?

I (obviously) highly recommend Zocc. If I had 6 of him I would be happy and would ensure I have one on each of my war teams.

I feel his strategic special would work fit in very well with your playstyle.

I have the inverse problem, I have 19 tonics and no viable candidates for them (I am not counting Elkanen, Kadilen or Groot as “viable”)

I’m surprised no one said these:

Natalya vs Alby/MN

Zimkitty vs Zeline

Inari vs Mokk-Ar

Hatter vs team wide buffers

Jabberwock vs Alby/MN

Alasie vs Alby

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Shouldn’t this be Cobalt versus just about ANY defensive buffer?


Krampus vs Finley - you wanna hit all the buffs??? No you don’t, you just give me a tickle. You want to give def down??? No you don’t, you give me def up!!


Some that i haven’t seen yet:

Kingston stops Natalya from doing anything except slowing down his mana

Finley rips through Mica just like he would Wilbur and now that spirit link helps me out even more!

cMarjana vs any blue hitter (but especially Cobalt and Finley): Oooooooh you and your fancy bypass me so scared!! Pffft too bad now you hit like a 6 year old go please away

Mitsuko vs Finley: Yeah yeah you can bypass so what, you still have a 75% chance of committing seppuku

Ursena vs Onatel: Yeah try stealing my mana now bish!

Garnet vs GTV: laughs maniacally as the mana slow and all DoT ailments fail
Garnet vs Alfrike: You cut my health I boost it back up. You try to cast mindless attack I block it full stop.

Onyx vs Krampus/BK: No taunt for you sucka!

Ametrine vs any riposte hero (mainly relevant for 4* tourneys): Riposte? What is that even, like some fancy word for fail?


Guardian chameleon Vs krampus. It’s all about removing that pesky undispellable defence as cham provides an alternative counter against krampy

Gullinbursti Vs any dispeller, this boar is way too good as a four star.

My cup runneth over…

Chameleon (who I love) & Rat both do a great job at 3-70. They don’t really need the tonics. Chameleon would benefit from more defence and health but in the green stack I use him in he usually fires anyways.

Offence I have Kingston & Lianna ascended already. Atomos is a possible choice. I have Heimdall +20 And Tarlak as well so I have the support side of Green covered too.

Issue really is emblems and Barbs & Rangers are in short supply.

So Zocc is an option but Sif will probably take the Rogues when I get a more dart.

Oh the irony that I got 4 Zoccs…I wasn’t really going hard that month either. I felt 1 Zocc was enough it just seemed that every summon I did came with a free Zocc…

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