Kryptonite or Antidote? Which heroes have a nemesis?

This idea was kicked off a couple of years ago, but I’m rebooting it because it meandered a little and the content is quite dated.


Also, reading posts by @Garanwyn still makes me cry :sob:


Here’s the original if anyone wants a trip down Memory Lane

So, which are the best counter heroes?

Extra points if you can find an easily available character to beat the best new shiny OP toys or you can flip multiple debuffs AND it’s an advantageous element.

Some of mine:

Kiril v Santa - Flips both the attack and defence, heals the damage AND it’s blue Vs red AND AND it’s an S1 4* Vs a Seasonal 5*! This is surely the gold standard.

Mel Vs Boril - removes the riposte without getting hurt, unlike Caedmon, and it’s an elemental win.

Kage Vs Tyr - unlike the likes of Domitia and Sesh, Kage dispels first, removing the resurrection before the kill.


Brynhild Vs Kage - can’t dispel me now, sucker. Special Def up + undispellible makes a mockery of the S2 killer

C.Sonya Vs Gravy - an accessible blue cleanser to finally see off all the Red arsonists, but the most satisfactory against one of the game’s most successful HOTM.


Kage vs. BT: yes, the rest of the team still has Berserk, but his taunt and dmg reduction are gone prior the attack, so he gets full damage.

Vanda vs. Kunchen: Half of your healing is mine and that def. down does nothing.

Edit: By BT I mean BK in fact. Sorry about that one.


Wilbur vs Wilbur

Nothing makes me happier


Seshat vs Guinevere. It’s pretty obvious. Seshat debuff and doesn’t fear mana cut.

Lord Loki vs all slow and very slow heroes (Alfrike, we see you). He is simply faster and can use their own medicine against them.

Malosi vs Aegir/Kunchen and a lot of heroes. He shuts them down.

Lady Loki vs GTV. You do not fear them anymore with this female version of the norse god, able to clean status ailments and throw them back.

Garnet vs Alfrike. The ninja laugh at the world eater from Svartalfeim.

Vanda vs Telluria. Same as above.

  • Kirill vs c. Kirill - The same with Santa.

  • The Hatter vs. buffs - thanks, Brynhild, BK, Krampus, Aegir… for those delicious buffs.

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Guardian Chameleon Vs Everyone

What’s that you have stuff that can’t be dispelled? You have Elemental links? No you don’t suckers!


Cobalt vs Mitsuko- You got your Ice Special Skill reflection, Mitsuko? Never mind, I’m on X3 mana charge now.

Onyx vs Odin- Never gonna let you have Odin’s mana boost

Boss Wolf vs Odin: Same as Onyx, except Boss Wolf reverses Odin’s mana buff.

Reuben vs GTV: Unfortunately, there are no many def teams who still use GTV.

Skadi, Grimble and Gefjon vs Freya and Bera: I wouldn’t take Noor as she runs at slow speed, and Freya and Bera’s minions could be really annoying, so you need that minion removal ASAP.

Edit: Would’ve been helpful to add that Bera could block Noor’s minions. Also, Uraeus would be a good choice against Freya and Bera.

Vanda vs Telluria and Heimdall: would work better against Telluria as Heimdall only does the heal.

Francine vs Finley: Look Finley, we all have this fancy buff. Do you know what it does? It makes your def down ineffective!

Neith vs Hel and Proteus: You gonna stop my mana? Nah, forget it, I resist it! How about I reduce YOUR mana and blind you!

Mitsuko and JF vs Finley: 2 obvious choices against Finley. However, he is a Ranger, so he could bypass these buffs (I don’t know if he bypasses JF def. ailment protection, though).

JF vs Frigg: Red vs Green, and turns Frigg’s defence ailment into a defence buff. Also, Frigg can’t bypass.

Alice vs Zimkitha: Can’t cleanse that attack down, eh?

Edit: Forgot Kunch resists def down, whoops :roll_eyes:

Garnet, Vanda and Grazul vs. all the green heroes that cast ailments (except chameleon, would’ve forgotten that he dispels before changing elements if @Cheds didn’t reply before me :rofl:)


Mist vs Boril / Cyprian. No riposte for you, sir!

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Gefjon vs Seshat
Sif vs Alfrike, Ursena + More
Baldur vs LotL, Guin, Li Xiu


I’d say Ursena vs Odin. Her yellow reflect just loves having lots of yellows on the board when he goes off.


Malosi vs BK, Krampus, Sif, Zulag, Aegir, JF or any other hero operating with status effects only.


Some talents observation:

Grimble against Lotl : " I eat your minions and give mana to my team even myself. Oh your minions wanted to cut my mana? Too bad I resisted…I am cleric."

Joon, Leonidas, Li Xiu against Jabberwock: “We are monks! We don’t fear your poison”. Also Malosi shuts down the poison of Jabber.

Any DoT (including barbarian) against fighters: “Oh you revived…feel my poison…oops you died again and again and again…so sad”

Any DoT against roques : “I can’t hit you? Alright then burn…”

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Indeed, but I still sometimes use Noor against them (depending). Skadi doesn’t usually kill a whole Freya or Bera minion, they’re too fat (unless other conditions apply, like def down/attack up, some enemies are already dead etc.). Grimble or Gefjon don’t have that issue of course, but they have the annoying issue of not being on my bench… :sweat_smile:

I quite like Skadi, but it can sometimes be challenging to set up the conditions to inflict her stacks I find. Which brings me to…

Skadi vs Telly - while an elemental disadvantage, a Skadi hit does kill off a full Telly minion (mine does anyway with +11 emblems and +24% attack boost from the troop). It is only this very tournament that I’ve ever found this out. With this, you want Telly to fire at least once… then Skadi gives 5-stacks to all enemies (if you could charge her obviously), which is satisfyingly damaging, turn after turn after turn… close to 200 damage per turn and -30% mana speed for all enemies. This has me re-thinking my usual 3/2 red/purple setup against most Telly teams from now on.


Victor (Valeria, Vanda) against Leonidas / Elkanen / Fenrir / Musashi / Lady Locke . Edit: Morgan Le faye
“So you wanted to heal yourself with that attack? Nope. I’ll take it.”

Anzhog against Telluria “Mana slow down…what should that be?”

MelC against Finley / Isarnia / Athena / Frank / Grimm “Defence down? No … I’ll say defence up it is.”

Kingston against Gravemaker : “You can’t even boil an egg with your lousy fire. I broke your blade before the hit…did you even touch me? Increased dmg against nature…so what”


Great topic Jonah :slight_smile:

Love reading all the suggestions! Personally I would enjoy also if into consideration would also be taken mana speed. I just saw 1 example of Boss Wolf vs Odin.

Very Slow vs Fast hero aint really a counter please :slight_smile:


Lady Locke doesnt do self heal. Vanda can resist the DoT but the others you mentioned dont do anything against Locke. Maybe you mixed her up with Morgan Le Fay who does health steal.

Guardian Chameleon OP pls nerf SG

Norns vs Odin…I will eat your food and then make you weak against it!

Costume Sabina against BK (and to a lesser extent Krampus who keeps the defense boost if he’s fired) - dispel those buffs and block the new ones…no more taunt and attack buff for you!

Gefjon vs Seshat…Give me those replicating minions bwahahaha!


Great point. I need to find more uses for her.

Also, on the minion eater discussion, anyone tried to see if c.Gormek is Kryptonite for Telly?

Great to see you @ChoppedLiver :hugs:


Yupp…that’s it. Remembered myself some minutes after posting it.

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