KraveKrush did not stop mother north from reviving ally

I just had a war battle and used KraveKrush inevitable demise against enemy team with mother north. Mother north had the ‘can’t revive ally’ symbol on her, cast her special and revived an ally. She did it again in two turns, then my team lost. I may try to repeat to see if it happens again, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something here in how this special is supposed to work. Thank you!


It supposed to stop any instant revive or revive buff.

So it seems to be a problem for me.

I’ve used Kravekrush against MN and it works

He also works against fighter’s skill

Did MN have both status icons on her? She’s a Cleric so could have resisted the revive others but not the revive self

Edit : My mistake. One ailment blocks revive self and others. The other ailment blocks revive buff like Tyr’s or Cillian’s


It is war equalizer, so it is possible between your turn and the defenses turn that the equalizer effect kicks in.


Which mother north as well, regular or the costume? Costume is monk and may resist the ailment

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Exactly this. C.MoNo can (and often does) resist this.

It’s no different to when you try and silence/mana block her. Sometimes it doesn’t work but it’s another arrow in the quiver to stop her

As others have stated, there could be something else happening…however I had Tyr revive last War with Kravekrush’s ailment on him. So, it doesn’t surprise me to hear there could potentially be more issues with him

Is it possible that kravekrush’s skill just doesn’t work against self revivers? After all Tyr removes all status effects when he dies. So his ailment only applies to revivers and fighters

Kravekrush’s special blocks the buff, the one with the Angel wings. So if Tyr fires while under KK’s ailment, he won’t get that buff. But if Tyr has that buff before KK hits him, I don’t think it gets dispelled

Next time I see a Tyr in defense, I’ll try using KK and test it out

Just refering to @OAlexisO post. The logic here is that the angel wings removes the anti revive ailment, but it revives him anyway

Liam is right I think. If Tyr has fired his special already I don’t think this stops it as when he dies everything is wiped and he revives then.

You’d need Kravekrush to fire before Tyr fires for prevent it.