Krampus vs White Rabbit

I know that previously, if I fired WR before Kramp, he could not put his undispellable def up, due to already having WR undispellable def down. Today, he overwrote it. I don’t believe he should be able, and know that he previously couldn’t.

Screenshot Krampus with debuff

SS Krampus ready to fire (1 turn left on debuff)

SS Krampus after firing

Sorry the first screen shot is with 3 turns, not immediately before. I lost the first raid to try to recreate this, since I did not have screenshots, lucky to get him to fire this time with 1 turn left.

Is this the way it should work now, or a bug?

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Guessing here…My guess is this changed with v45 where undispellable can be refreshed. The notes don’t specifically mention this situation though.

It also seems that other effects are behaving this way in beta


I am guessing that too. I hadn’t seen anyone asking, and it’s the first time I have noticed it, so I’m hoping @Petri or someone on staff might clarify if this is working as (now) intended, or a bug.

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I’m going to mark this as the solution, and fire Rabbit after Krampus mostly, I suppose, unless they decide to change things up again

Is like the same problem with Killhare and Krampus together :sob:

Sounds like an anti rabbit bias, then

:rage: :no_good_man: :rabbit:

poor rabbits, I was just stating to like them :sweat_smile:

it’s been 18 days and still no response from staff? @Petri would you kindly clarify if this is intended or not?

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Seems the ‘Undispellable’ def up for Krampus can now be overwritten by anyone who casts an ‘uncleansable’ def down. This was not the case earlier

Both Bobo and White Rabbit now overwrite the undispellable def up

Video vs Bobo
Krampus Undispellable def up bug vs Bobo

Video vs White Rabbit
Krampus Undispellable def up bug vs White Rabbit

However, anyone casting a regular/dispellable def down on a Krampus that has his taunt up will not overwrite the undispellable def up. So Morel, Frigg, Kiril Costume etc do not cause this issue.

Krampus has already been nerfed…and now this! He’s being completely destroyed! Really painful!

Can we please have someone look into this and fix it as soon as possible.

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@Petri - any clarification on this will be much appreciated!

This should be working as intended. An undispellable defense up effect can be replaced by an undispellable defense down and vice versa, but a dispellable effect cannot replace an undispellable.


Thanks for the clarification @Petri

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