Krampus vs Miki doesn’t work!

During war I was attacking someone who had miki. I activated Krampus the previous turn. On the following turn Miki fires & instead of being limited to Krampus hits 3 other players.

Was Krampus taunt active? Do you have a screen shot or video? Can you show what other heroes than Miki was on the other team? Maybe there was, for exmaple, a malosi or mist there?

  • Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot. Thought of it to late, it was during war
  • Krampus’s taunt was active
  • Their team: cVivica, Miki, Horghall, Anzogh, Quintus

Since there are no screenshots and videos, I would post my hunch on what happened. C.Vivica’s special skill dispels buffs from all enemies. Did she fire first before Miki? The most probable scenario that happened was that C.Vivica dispelled Krampus’s taunt, then Miki cast his special skill.


Bertilla doesn’t work against Miki either.

Silence is not one of the cleanseable status ailments that Bertila lifts and throws back at enemies. That’s how silence works - the affected hero won’t be able to cast special skill for a number of turns.

Reigard can cleanse that particular attack problem. I figured Bertilla should as well. Guess I wasted emblems on that one.

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