Krampus' Taunt Skill v.s. Gullinbursti (Working as Intended)

So, Krampus is supposed to cover all of his allies from massive attacks (E.g. Azlar’s burning attack) or even single damage (e.g. Lianna’s shot). But today I was fighting a gullinbursti so I charged Krampus, to my surprise, even with taunt on, gullinbursti managed to kill 2 of my heroes when his special kicked in.

Isn’t that what taunt is for? The description reads something along the lines: “Prevents enemies from executing special attacks on allies”.


  1. In spite of not being a direct attack, the damage that gullinbursti makes is product of his special skill.

  2. This is what taunt is for right?

Hence, I consider it a bug.

Lemme know your comments and thanks in advance.

Probably related to this bug thread: [SOLVED - V35] Possible bug with Gullinbursti vs Guardians of Teltoc Yellow shields (or Ursena)

Linking for visibility on both.

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Who knew that one little 4* could cause so much intrigue. What an amazing fellow.

Yep, totally. Can’t complain because I have him in my team too, it can wipe out an entire team if the necessary conditions are given, I have been struggling against a team, with my team all in red numbers and gullin just wipes them out. But as we say in my country 'what is fair is what is right", so even if my gullin were to wipe a team with a krampus having Taunt active I wouldn’t consider it fair.

Anyone here already leveled, maxed and emblemed 5 Gullinburstis and used all of them in the same attacking team? I wonder if that would be a good idea. Maybe in VF war tourneys against purple tanks. So far, I only have 2 maxed, one at +19 and the other with 0 emblem. My third one is still at 4/39 and will be maxed soon.

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Thanks for the report! We have double checked this here and it should be working as intended.

Gullinbursti’s status effect damage is supposed to pass taunts since taunts only prevent special skill damage, not status effect damage.


Well, can’t argue with logic, it’s a good explanation. Thanks for the clarification!

I have just experienced another thing with Gullinbursti that it did not happen before. I met with defending team with Gulli as a tank. It was during raid revenge, not a war attack. He went charged and used his special skill. I have used Caedmon to dispell his attack right after and he did damage to my team immediately. I have done this twice during the fight to be sure I have seen this right. This is not like I remember it worked before. I hoped I will dispell Gullins attack applied after 3 turns. It just didnt happen. His attack fired right after my dispell attempt. I have also noticed this during “very fast mana wars” but I thought the mechanics is different there. Do you think it is okay? I am pretty sure it did not work like this some time ago.

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The attack is applied after end of special, so either turn end or dispelled it will trigger the attack.

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Just to clarify, is this still working as intended given the change to the interaction with Reflect shields?


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