Krampus "Talent Grid"

Of course I have to go the “defensive” way for sure.
But should I prioritize hitpoints (cause of the minions) or defensive (cause of the defensive buff and cause its normally better than hitpoints) ???

Choose health and def.

Attck will never mean so much

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He is not a paladin, so do you have heroes that will boost his def? I’m planning on Health>Def>Attack for mine at the moment. My Noor has 25% attack, and her minions still do very little damage, so unless you have Freya (I don’t), avoid the attack path.

I don’t think either defense or health will steer you wrong. I got MN too though, so that should boost his minions in about 2 years when I got both ascended :smirk:

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Which path should I take? I say defense since Krampus is already @1504 HP. And that goes across the whole talent grid, I should prioritize defense over HP when I am at a fork?

I’m thinking LLLLRLR.

Attack: 697
Defense: 949
Health: 1692 +2%

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