Krampus Killhare def team

Hi there.
I’ve got Krampus almost maxed and planning my future defense team.
My defense now is GM LB, Frig LB, Prof LB, Killhare LB and Vela LB.
I can exchange Krampus for Vela sure, but what to do with Killhare? That -20% def with Krampus.
Please share your thoughts.

If Krampus would reliably fire before her the problem would be “solved” (avoided? maybe…) :stuck_out_tongue:

His defense buff can’t be removed so unless Killhare would cast her special in the short time he wuldn’t have his effect up he wouldn’t be affected.

I would field them with reverse: Prof Lidenbrock - Frigg - Krampus - Gravemaker - Killhare

Anyway, by the time she would fire your opponent could be so injured that he would already be as good as dead… in some cases, yeah. Still, she is a very powerful dark hero, what are your other options?


Krampus’ defense buff can’t be removed but can be affected by Killhare I think. My options for dark. GP , Clarissa, Ursena, Jabber, Sartana C. All 20 emb.

Seems like Killhare is still the better choice.
Few things are deadlier than a Frigg-Killhare team.


Thx FraVit. Gonna try-out this.

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I think not, as I hit Krampus once with White rabbit and he kept his defense buff.

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