Krampus defense

Krampus did his special.

  1. I attacked him with Kage, removed the minion and dispellable buffs.
  2. I used Odin, who hit all including Krampus.
  3. I used Drake, who hit Krampus again.
  4. I matched tiles that hit Krampus, and turned into a cascading mess. For the record, he was hit by 3 sets, a total of 6 separate tiles.

I then checked his health level, and the D is at +94%, or 5 10% increases from the initial 44%.

I dont know what is counted as a hit, as in each attack, each tile, each group of tiles, each turn, whatever… but nothing in what I did adds up to 5 that I can see. Would be helpful to know what constitutes a “hit”, and then figure out why the count doesn’t seem to add up.

Every time that Krampus took >0 damage = +1 hit.

So every on colour and off-colour tile, every minion strike, every DoT tick, Every Special Skill Damage etc…

So Kage + Odin + Drake = +3; Tiles = +1 per each (so +6 total)

Total strikes = +9 (assuming that your #s were accurate)

44% initial + (9x 10%) = 134%; but is capped at +94% hence the final 94% value you saw :slight_smile:


94% max, had no idea. Guess that limits it to 5.

Yup; it maxes out there (based on experimentation in Beta & live game).

Same as Kingston & Athena also have unwritten caps on their Attack / Defence down (respectively).

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