Krampus bug vs ametrine

When I had krampus on defense his skill was active and ametrine fired. I know she hits 3 and dispelled buffs first but shouldn’t she only be able to target krampus? She hit him and his flanks. At best I would think she could hit krampus and remove the taunt but that would be it. She instead hits krampus and continues to hit 9thers.

While I can see this as an interpretation I thought no matter what krampus would protect at least that turn even if his buff was removed it would stop her turn there and only he would be attacked.

Unfortunately he’s cursed now so I can’t repeat but I wonder if kage would do this same thing? Or does he buff removal make everyone able to be attacked? If ya meant to go this way I apologise but I read it as being different.

Both Ametrine and Kageburado dispell buffs from target first then deal the damage. So it is correct that Ametrine dispelled Krampus’ taunt first and dealt damage to him and his allies after.


That is wholly inconsistent with literally everything else we’ve seen.
If that were the case, then Inari & other dodgers wouldn’t be able to dodge Kage-san (they can), and Grimble would do damage to all heroes after talking out QoH’s card minions (he doesn’t).

No, established precedent is that the Targeting Resolution phase is separate from the Special Effect phase (which includes a dispel). As such, either this is a bug, or it’s a huge middle finger and demand for more money as ninja heroes have a structural advantage over even niche heroes like Kageburado.

Neither would surprise me.

That was what I assumed that at each step the process happened and therefore the da!age shouldn’t happen. The QoH is something I didn’t think of and I have grimble.

They have done this before making undispellable removable just by word changes or whatever.

Dispellability has virtually nothing to do with it; just as Inari’s (disposable) status effect-based dodge resolves with a “none of that special hits me” before any of the special (even the dispel) resolves, BK, QoH, and Krampus’ Taunt resolves with a “none of that special hits any non-taunting heroes” before any of Amatrine’s special (even the dispel) resolves.

Thus, I argue, based on the precedent set, that she should not hit any non-taunting heroes

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