🎅 Krampus -- 5* Ice/ Blue from Santa's Challenge (Winter) (NEW)

True, Ive got to think outside of my little sorcerer roster and factor new heroes

Has anyone else tested to see if Krampus’ minions trigger his sorcerer talent yet?

I wouldn’t think Krampus minions would trigger mana delay. I have LoTL at +14 and I have never seen her sword minions trigger mana delay.

Thoth-Amun’s minions still do which is why I was asking. Thanks for letting me know.

Got Krampus and 2 Santas with a 10 pull just before the portal expired

3 seasonal 5* from a 10 pull is really long odds. Maybe I should buy lottery tickets or something :wink:

He’s definitely my best option for tank (currently cVivica). Will probably flank him with Grazul and maybe Santa

Edit : Thinking about it further, I might keep cVivica tank with Krampus as flank. The def down and attack up combo could work. And there’ll be like 3500hp of damage they can absorb.


Finally read through this thread after pulling Krampus at Christmas, and I’ve kind of been thinking about this. My current tank is Brynhild +19, who holds diamond surprisingly well (~75% of the time). Krampus is on his way to becoming my new tank, but I was thinking about his synergy with Brynhild. The rest of the team would have to be stone-cold killers, since you’re giving up a lot of firepower, but boy, that’d be a rough tank-flank combo to try and kill off. Anybody tried it?


Keep fighting him in raids, his undispellable increasing defense is the bomb! He was at +93% or something at the end of the raid, a big hit was doing like 78 damage! Last hero standing… He was flank…

So happy I have him, sadly I need thousands of sorcerers to make perfect magic…


Just took him into war against Kunchen. Didn’t realise the increasing defense was undispellable until he fired and his defense down did nothing.

I came back to this thread to say what an absolute beast this guy is (inside and outside :smiley:). I use him on everything - titans, raids, defense team, war. LOVE this hero.


Wait untill he get costume. He seems to be favourite so he is a prime candidate for new costume.

Doubt he will get one :slight_smile:

Thinking of using this for the upcoming buff booster tournament. Krampus is only at 3-70 but I think he could do well

It’s no yellow so that’s why Clarissa is at tank

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Hmm. Mine is at about 3^45, and I have been reluctant to use him anywhere but on baby titans. I like your setup here though. Let us know how it goes. Maybe I’m holding him back. :laughing:

I’m excited to see how my Zulag +1 fares at tank this week.

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I’ve been using him in my regular raid defense for the last couple of days and have been holding in Diamond overnight

Been winning attacks from teams with their defenses around 4500 though fewer than 50% of the time

About the tournament, I have Zulag too and is regretting not leveling her up. I have Clarissa and Grimble too and their element link counts as a buff

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I want a lord Loki costume

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