🎅 Krampus -- 5* Ice/ Blue from Santa's Challenge (Winter) (NEW)

undispellable means un-overwriteable too, so he’ll keep his def buff in that scenario


So, I would assume the word “RESIST” will pop up when a normal Def down is casted on him… :thinking:


yes something like that

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Good luck @Kilted :+1:

I hear Krampus comes with killer gingerbread cookies :man_shrugging:



Nothing happens (no text or anything). :slight_smile: just keeps the existing debuff.

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Do we know where his defense buff caps? These scalable buffs/ailments always have a ceiling.

I think it was @DaveCozy that checked it in the beta thread. Memory not working currently but I want to say it was either 74 or 94?


I want him, but I also want MN and Santa with him.

Rush Attack tournament/war def:

MN - Santa - Alfrike - Krampus - G.Owl

Maybe you could even switch around Krampus and Alfrike. 3 heroes summoning minions with 20% hp and 20% attack at vfast.

Thicc. Solid. Tight.


I would love Krampus but I have no interest in MN or Santa. I’ll probably just use a few tokens since I want Frosty for tournaments


Any tests in beta with QoH/Black Knight?

Wondering how they do when they are not in sync —

Krampus is too strong for me. Especially if the tank is hero in defense, he will be stronger, but will Telluria, Kadilen ©, Frigg be removed from all defenses? I don’t think so. Because Krampus is not a bonus, most players have no chance of pulling, and the drop rate is very low. For now, the best blue tank is the Aegir, but it is not forcing that hero as a tank anymore. So defense tanks do not change :roll_eyes:

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No need to pull this hero. Comes once a year, very few people will have it so it will not be the the top tank. Probably even worse war score having Aegir as tank for those who don’t have Krampus. Other colors all have better substitutes.

More opportunities of getting Black Knight. So just get that instead.

As a seasonal event hero, Krampus is available to summon once per year, but don’t forget, the xmas event is twice as long as other seasonal events. I’m sure some top alliances with have 30 members all with Krampus or at least 25+.


Santa is a bada**.
just my 2 cents.

Seriously, though, Krampus is not going to turn the meta on its head overnight. But with newfound synergies with BK, I guarantee Krampus ADDS to the opening up of different tank colors in raids and wars.
As the new heroes pile up and people begin to experiment with different lines, and better tanks like THIS keep coming out we will have diff colors across many different areas.
I’ve been preaching “diversifying the hero ecosystem” for awhile now. Great, ACCESSIBLE, tanks seem to be flush only in certain colors. Sure Krampus isn’t super available but he will represent the cream of the Blue crop. Aegir and hopefully one or two other tanky blue heroes come out as HOTM and there could be a nice tier below Krampus so teams could start fielding Blue tanks for defences.

Bobby D sang it a longggg time ago:
“The times they are a-changin’”


I watch all your you tube videos for advice. Your the man brother! Keep it up!


Krampus is some kind of merge between Black knight and Telluria.

Flanked by some red like Natalya, Grazul or Anzogh can be painful…

Thank you, sir! :vulcan_salute:t2:

20 characters

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I hope ill manage to get Krampus planning around 80 pull. Fingers crossed.

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the odds are against you, but I wish you the best of luck!

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