Krampus @ 4/80 + 4 is intense!

Krampus + Santa & MN … incredible.

  • Minions w/Family Bonus
    *Taunt protecting everyone
    *+Defense for Krampus that increases!
    *+50% attack for all allies

This is absolutely amazing. This the test drive video. I used Queen of Hearts to see how the double Taunts would play off of each other. I was not let down.


So double taunts means the double taunted heroes all get hurts by AoE attack.

So it can be said it is unbeneficial to activated 2 taut heroes at the same time)


Well this has been tested already with BK and QoH, why would have it been any different with Krampus and QoH


Here you can see the interaction with QOH and in general in the second battle the true potential of Krampus. He tanked the attacks from telluria, Anzogh and Neith and Krampus hp doesnt even move. Hes a beast . For those like me who dont have BK krampus add a whole new world in empires.

I love your video


Nice stuff thanks.
@ThePirateKing yall no#2 in the video.


Thanks for the tag. @JekylandHyde That’s a very sturdy team, Krampus is awesome. Great video. :slight_smile:


Thank you. It will be interesting to see Krampus’s effect on teams.

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I was hyping the Kramp since I seen his card.

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What do you think about Krampus as a tank? Will he be first blue A class tank or he might work better as flank?


Hes op, with GM and Francine (possibly Zeline) as flanks you will be running though raid teams.

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I am using him as flank in tomorrow’s war just because we tank Fire. I think Krampus is easily tank material. When we look at 2X Defense + Health, only one hero has a greater number: Boss Wolf who is a very slow.


I was thinking of a defense team of: MN/GM/Krampus/Drake/C. Sartana. Thoughts? I’m worried it doesn’t have enough fire power. I could replace MN with Kingston or Francine, etc… but I thought the family bonus would be nice.

That family bonus doesn’t do anything until there are minions on the field. It’s not worth considering, even in Undead Horde wars. In fact SG forgot to put the family bonus on Krampus’s card in beta until they were reminded it was missing.

Okay. I won’t max MN then. I still think Krampus is a top tier tank.

Tell me again why Krampus deserves 50 more attack, 20 more defense and 30 more HP than Santa, a 5* of supposedly same tier from the same event.

Part of why Telluria was so oppressive and hard to nerf was her bloated base statline. Guess they didn’t learn.


I think you may have missed Santa being slow and Krampus being average too! :smiley:


Stands in corner eating popcorn awaiting the Krampus nerf threads


power creep. I was already against this a long time ago, but this is the way how they make you spend more.
Classic legendary heroes without costumes are no longer considered 5* material.

Saw a krampus+20 with 1004 def rating :scream::scream::scream:. Haha… quickly hit the re-roll button.


LOL…MN is the best resurrector in the game. She is easily worthy to max.


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