KPIs for your alliance?

Question out there the masses, as my inner CEO starts to creep in now that I’ve finally started my own alliance a month ago…

What KPIs (key performance indicators) do you use in your alliance? What methodology are you using to quantify things that you only saw anecdotally prior to keeping track? What thresholds do you use to keep members up to standards? I want to use data to help drive my mates into making better decisions - be it war or titan.

Right now I’ve used an average total damage last 5 titans and average total damage last 5 wars for each member. I haven’t drilled down into titan color yet, but I may if it proves useful. Is 5 not a large enough sample size? Should it be 10? 20? In perpetuity?

Obviously keeping loose data is good to help those underperforming (and potentially have to kick those who are well below thresholds) but is it even worth it to drill down further?


How much free time do you have to devote to this project?

Critically: do members of your alliance WANT data on how they’re performing, or more importantly on how you (/ the data) suggest they can improve?

There’s a risk you’ll alienate some players if you start telling them (or showing them) they’re underperforming.

If you’re in a very competitive alliance, and you’ve got oodles of spare time, then by all means carry on :slight_smile:

(I would provide what our alliance uses… but the person who ran the docs did it for like a month and then got burnt out on it. Which. I don’t blame him. I also don’t personally see the value in anything beyond “did you use your war flags and run at the Titan a few times? Great!” :stuck_out_tongue: also. I think he got the docs from 7DD so I think it’s better to just refer you to them.)


I agree with @Duaneski. Nothing worse than telling your alliance mates what they don’t want to hear.

If you know what your goals are for the alliance and all members are on-board with that (as they should be) then you (collectively) need to decide what KPI data is needed to further those goals. Every alliance is different.


I’ve been in alliances that vary anywhere between, “Use all war flags and hit the titan”, to, “You need to maintain an average score above ## on wars and ### on titans”. I’ve also seen where alliances have a running 7-day and 18-day average. I don’t know where those numbers came from, I think they just decided that they were good metrics.

You can be very general in what you measure, or very specific. If you take the time to set up your sheets to properly spit out the data you want in the beginning, maintaining/updating the sheet on the back end is very easy. That part comes down to, what data do you want, and what “data monkey” skills do you have to set it up!

I’ve seen the 7DD sheets that they’ve set up, and there is certainly a lot of information, but I personally think it’s WAY too much. But, they probably need that type of information to stay in the top alliances in the game.


Agree with the previous comments. Whether it’s “worth it” or not depends on your goals for the alliance, and if you feel that the ROI is worth the considerable time investment.

At different times I’ve built elaborate tracking but I consistently find that I burn out with it. Tracking at a player level is tedious. If there was a way to export Titan/War results it would be different but right now the only option is to manually enter info based on a screenshot of the in game results. And heaven help you if the results pop up and you miss it.

Tracking at the alliance level is easier. At a player level, we just have an album in our leader line chat where we add a screenshot if someone hits late, or misses. We offer a small amount of leeway for real life and that just helps us watch for trends.


I think the answer really depends on your goals for your alliance. The only requirement i have for mine is “inactive for more than a week without notice is kickable”. If/when i get up to near 30 members then i might make more of an issue out of using titan flags, but i personally can’t be bothered to track much more than days since last log-in. Though for me, i wanted to avoid an alliance where any real kind of expectation existed so that’s why i made my own.

If high performance is your goal, you made this clear to your members from day 1, and you have enough time to gather the data and follow up with it regularly and consistently then yeah, tracking war damage and titan damage seem like reasonable starting metrics. If you’ve got an external messaging app (and a lot of time) you could also have members send roster info every week or so, to keep track of hero growth for your war efforts and coordinate strategy a little more effectively. Far more work than I’d be willing to commit to for any amount of time but that’s a good start to encouraging and maintaining growth

Want to emphasize again the important of consistently and regularly following through with a project like this. Nothing worse than making your players subject to arbitrary rules that aren’t enforced evenly. It’s bad leadership and morale poison, and an easy way to convince any serious player jump ship


In my honest opinion, if you are a new alliance or even middle range alliance, applying KPIs in this game can drive adverse behaviour.
Your keys ones should be:
Have fun
Work together
Talk in chat etc
Use all six war flags if you opt into war
Attack each Titan at least 3 times

If you are looking for your alliance to get into the top 100-500 you might want to start monitoring roster growth, defence team growth, levelling of heroes, achievement in raids, achievement in war, levelling of experience etc etc. But that will be extremely time resource intensive.

Additionally do you want to apply blanket KPIs or individual KPIs to take into account personal differences between alliance members?

And I would also ask - is your plan to start at the top with you as leader with your co-leaders agreeing KPIs for yourself? What would they look like?

Would you enforce KPIs upon individuals? What would be the reward for achievement? What if they fail KPIs?


I’ve always been a manager (in business) who allows employees to make their own decisions after showing them any sort of data. I thought this project would operate the same… I would not be telling them what to do, but showing them information on where they can improve and allow them to make their own decisions. I don’t know every members play style, so telling them to use a sniper instead of a mana control hero might not gel with their overall team construction.

The rules are always have fun, keep chat lively, hit the titan and use all 6 flags in war. After six wars we’ve yet to leave a single flag on the field, which I am over the moon about - and we are 6-0 so the results speak for themselves and my mates see that.

I don’t believe any of us have a desire to be top 100-500, as we’re not whales, but we’re not f2p either. The game is clearly an investment for all of us, monetarily and emotionally, and I want to ensure weak leadership and one bad apple doesn’t spoil the cart as it did in our previous alliance. Maybe I take the delicate complexity of simplicity approach and say two titans missed, war flags left on the field, warning. Happens again, final warning. Then three strikes and you’re out.

Also… it is a time warp inputting results. I can definitely see the burn out happening once “normal life” starts again.

A thousand times this. Look at the time you spend farming/raid chests/quests/titan/war/tournaments/events on an average day. It’s easy to see how adding almost any tedious data collection/entry tasks are easy to burn out on. One starts to realize ‘I spend enough time in the game, why am I doing this tedious work for the game while not even playing it’.

That never precludes me from trying, or recording screens for someone else to possibly take the mantle in the future. However, it severely tempers my expectations that it will actually be done some day.

With that in mind, the easiest to track is average titan damage. If you keep screenshots of the titan list, there are OCRs in Line, Discord, and through APIs to convert that image into text and you can streamline the base data rather efficiently. Since you can take screens and just fill in the data when you have the time, this is the least effort involved for a KPI. You can record the titan variety and derive stats on each titan color and level as well.

If you want to get in the weeds, you can use that same trick to capture screenshots of all the war hits. Using this, you would see which team members defenses were picked on the most, how each individual fared in one-hit/cleanup mode, and a sort of +/- net on whether the opponent scored more on them than they scored on the opponent. I did this analysis once because it was rather tedious setting everything up. Interesting, but not worth my time, imo.

Once again, I can’t stress enough that the data is continuously streaming in. The best option is to crowd-source it. If you do it alone, my guess is that you probably won’t last more than a couple of months before missing a couple of data points or burning out. If your alliance really wants it, then lean on them to contribute work for it. I would say that in preparation, it doesn’t hurt to save screenshots in an album or folder so that you can fill in data for times before you set up your methodology was established.

Good luck!


I would never use these in my current alliance, because we unanimously voted to be casual, zero drama, “real life before game” etc. But back when I was in a competitive alliance (not top levels, mostly low to mid range)… the main things I asked of my team were,

  • log in every day if you can, let us know and opt out of wars beforehand if you can’t

  • use at least 3 titan flags every day that you log in, unless leadership has decided to let the current titan escape

  • use all 6 war flags in every war; if you’re unable to use all 6 flags for any reason, opt out of war

  • use your flags wisely - don’t use strong flags wiping up weak teams just for your own personal war score glory, we have other lower members who need something to hit; conversely, don’t go trying to be a hero attacking a team twice your size when there’s another one on the board that is within your range… :man_facepalming: and trust me I’ll know if you’re doing something stupid on purpose vs. “just a bad board”, because I know what you each are capable of as well as what you’re not capable of

  • try to get better every day; level your teams, try to improve your titan hits each time; any level of improvement is still improvement; if you’re not progressing in any category at all, it’s possible that you don’t belong in a “growing/learning/competitive” alliance in the first place (and back then, I also ran a more casual alliance on an alt for those who didn’t want to work that hard)

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY for my alliances: don’t be a jerk. I have zero tolerance for members calling each other idiots, throwing around racial slurs, inappropriate sexually explicit comments, etc. I’d rather kick a “high performing” member who is an obnoxious [expletive] and keep around a lowbie who barely tickles the titan.

I never went so far as to keep spreadsheets on everyone (though a couple of other co-leaders did)… I just kind of had a general feel for where everyone was at in terms of team strength and where they usually averaged in scores. Didn’t bother me if someone had a bad day here and there. Usually someone would have to start really underperforming (as in, way below what I knew them to be capable of) on a regular basis for me to take notice… that’s when I’d ask the co-leads to pull out their spreadsheets and try to talk to the member in question to see what was going on.


@JGE @TGW both make good points on this.
I’m a Co leader and I kinda be bad cop as it suits me. If there an issue, we have line chat for leader n Co leaders from both alliances will talk about issues. I keep track of war flags n titans hits like now iv noticed 2 people have hit the titan once there’s prob about 3 hours left on it if I have to get a merc to kill it as the health is quite low too its not going to look good, as other people in the alliance will notice this aswell.

I agree wholeheartedly with @JGE; my inner consultant is coming out and suggesting that you should align your metrics with the behavior you want drive. If you reinforce the right behavior you should achieve the results you seek. In my profession, too often the KPIs are tied directly to the results and the workforce does just as @JGE says and find ways to meet the KPI by sacrificing some other, untracked/rewarded measurement.

In my alliance, it’s okay to have a weak titan outing but not okay to not hit a titan similarly with war, not using all one’s flags is frowned upon and we don’t track results (though I suspect we all look at them).

On the other hand, and again, I think @JGE is getting to this, knowing which color titans your alliance does well against and which ones pose a challenge would be helpful in making a decision on when to let it go versus use a flask to get it.

Knowing everyone’s roster strength by element may help you determine who gets assigned a clean-up role in wars against an alliance with coordinated tanks.

If your alliance is really competitive, then everything I’ve said probably sounds like “participation trophy” to you, and with good reason. IMO, I’m hard enough on myself for poor war performance and weak titan turns, I don’t need to be publicly chastised for them.

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Where’s your tolerance for name calling members who ALSO tickle the Titans ?! :rofl: I might need a new home one day ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

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my first advice is:
for now, see how you like it.
if you have the same passion/driven 5 months from now, you’re on the right track; tag me then and we can discuss more.

p.s. i know i sound cocky, but im more than good at it :slight_smile:

Ahhh the Legendary @Duaneski!!!

I was talking about back in the days when I was a leader/co-lead in actual active alliances. Not sure you’d want to be part of my current sad ship of dead/undead… alliance chat is a ghost town, we’ve opted out of wars, and this is basically our current titan strategy:



It’s easy at 15/30 since we’re all tight like strings, but as we recruit, it’s obviously going to take patience and discipline on my part.

I’m more than good at it myself in business and it’s translated quite well into E&P. I find it so much easier here however as the bottom line and what goes into the company coffers isn’t the ultimate goal… the ultimate goal here is enjoying yourself, in the company of others, all playing to be the best they can be.

Really appreciate everyone’s well thought out responses - it’s exactly what I was looking for and it’s quite a bit to chew on at the moment.

By all means, KPI is just a tool to achieve your ultimate goal. So putting the right KPI is depend on the ultimate goal itself.

What is your alliance purpose? A place to help new player grow into the game? A place where you can interact with other regardless of the game performance? A hardcore competitive team aiming to be the top 100 rank? There’s no way all those alliance need the same KPI.

Anyway in my personal opinion, no KPI is needed when all you want to do is just for having fun :grinning:

Omg this is so !!! :rofl:

I like a simple efficiency ratio for wars —

Points earned on offense / flags used

Divided by

Points given up on defense / flags required

  • if it’s over 1.0 — good

  • if it’s not — without good reason, either beef up offense, don’t be so conservative in your targeting or re-examine your defense — (usually troops)

Most importantly — its a self management tool that doesn’t require a PhD in data analytics — and supports a macro view

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In the past, there were lots and lots of HR management and KPI theory over Titans, War and anything in E&P. You could see it everywhere, every alliance players’ requirement, data sources from veteran alliances, as if all of the players were trying to push E&P to become an academic degree in a university…hahaha

Now what… let it go.


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