Koreas Advice - Translation Help Please! 🇰🇷

Hello clever Forum poly-linguists.

We think we’re sending amicable messages to our Korean war opponents.

As we can’t copy and paste from their Alliance banner, can anyone assist with the translation?

They might have completely ignored us and that’s just a list of game instructions…

It says… “#Play”… “Apart”… “Together.”

You know for someone who used to be in a Korean language alliance, you sure don’t know much Korean.


This is what Google Translate returned:

#PlayApartTogether. Flag Consumption is the basic rule. Notice & Open Talk is essential for smooth communication. Enjoy the game while looking at the same place for a long time, keeping each other courteous.


I’m Korean and the translation looks well translated to English. :smile:


Yeah, but it was north, not south… it’s a different accent

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Thanks once again @ThePirateKing, the never disappoint :grin:

I think we can all identify with this, especially while building Hero Academy…


Especially with no VIP pass. It’s like the flow of time almost comes to a halt. :rofl:

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