Koramgame stole the Empires and Puzzles logo

I was use Tinder when an ad for this game appeared:

More like Empire and Puzzles copied them.

Original source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RNQPA

It was done by a professional artist 2 years ago, pretty sure Empire and Puzzles haven’t even exist back then.

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Actually E&P existed at least as far back as September 2017 (Beta run), possibly earlier.

Any original Beta player wanna comment? I highly doubt E&P is ripping Primal Chaos. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: After reading a brain-boggling bit on video game plagiarism (and why copying is common and shouldn’t be reacted to like a college paper…hmm, yeah still don’t get that!) basically it’s a fascinating topic, especially if you’re familiar with older video games. Just look it up. I saved the two images for comparison…I can see how the claim for copying can be strongly made.

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I think it is much more likely that the images were designed by the same artist and sold to different companies… I don’t know if SG designed their own first set of heroes, but currently the heroes are being created by an outside company…

Yes, the same company designs for both games.

Looking at the artist’s work, I think most of the characters drawn there will fit right in with the thread that discusses Hero Wardrobe. OP to be exact.

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The memes don’t show, but I saw the website…agree! :grin:

@Rook, since I know you are probably still patrolling the boards at the time.

I just noticed this, but is your preview pane on the right working? I found that as I am typing replies tonight, and even trying to type the reply in this thread, the preview of how the message should look like on the right is not showing up. Even though the hide preview settings is still clickable. I am not sure what I did or if it is happening to anyone else.

Edit: I Am wondering if it is just happening to IE11 (what I am using), because I just tried Microsoft Edge and it appears to look correct.

I’m not sure what you are seeing on your screen…I use an iPhone 5s and have therefore a tiny portrait screen that looks like this:

If you are using a computer, we’ll need @Coppersky’s expertise. :slight_smile:

looks normal here - I’m on a computer at the moment… preview as always

I’m not sure that e&p were the first company to put a female characters face on the icon… I’d put money on there being literally thousands.

Bored of match-3 or hidden objects? How about match 3 or hidden objects with a pretty girls faux-anime face on it? Now we’re talking!

Speaking of video game plagiarism…the quotes about how brilliant Clock Maker is on mystic vision look surprisingly similar to those for Toon Blast. Copy and paste or perhaps people with very similar names had the exact same opinions about both games… Where’s @brobb 's Occam’s Razor when we need it?!

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