Kong with aeron

Hello devs…sorry for my english.why when aeron active this special,the effect negative of kong stay…

I’ll try to help sort this out as I can’t see a reason why there would be issues between Guardian Kong and Aeron.

Let’s look at the cards

If Kong is on enemy team he does damage to your team and puts a defensive buff on his allies. There is no negative effect for your Aeron to remove from your own team.
If you have Kong and Aeron on your own team, you don’t want Aeron to remove the ice defense as that’s not a negative effect.

Aeron only removes negative effects from his own team.

I hope I helped! :grinning: :ghost:


@2Spookd explained it well already, I’m not sure I understand your Question though…But I might be able to help if you translate to Spanish, if it’s easier for you.

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If you mean Wu Kong, then no, Aeron’s ability doesn’t remove the accuracy reduction that goes with Gambler’s Stance.


Good thinking. I forgot about Wu-Kong

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Yes sorry,my question is for wu-kong…

Aeron’s special doesn’t work to prevent or remove the bad effects of Wu Kong’s Gambler’s Stance because it is all part of the same power which is considered to be overall beneficial.
It does work on preventing the bad effects of the Rabbit’s powers, because the defense debuff they get after attacking is a separate bad effect from their attack.

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