[KNOWN VISUAL ISSUE] Got double hit by Uraeus

I was playing a raid match. I had set off Hanitra and Uraeus attacked and had 2 people hit by him although they both missed due to Hanitra special but some sort of bug I guess.

Did anyone have a minion that would cause sand damage to that hero?


Yes but it when he normally attacks you do not see his snake attack everyone with a minion. In this instance 2 snakes came up and attacked 2 of my heros. I’ve never seen that before!

So I have a video of a attack, one of my team mates put Uraeus on his team and I attacked. So I dodge his first attack but everyone has a minion and he attacks two cards. If you need me to show you a video I can but it will not let me post on here or I don’t know how.

I’m only a player as most on here are. Videos help show what is happening and help others catch what may be happening. Without a video this thread won’t go far.

You could also contact support and send them their video, but you may get referred back to here.

Thanks for at least replying, I really appreciate it. I’ll try to figure it out at least I told someone and you listened to me!


Here are screen shot pictures just so you know what I was talking about. Thanks you for your time.

Just fought a war battle where opposition Uraeus attacked 2 of my heroes with his snake attack. Thankfully both dodged because of Hanitra.

Couldn’t get Screen shot of incident as I don’t film battles. But here is my team after the attack.

Ive seen Uraeus to hit all 5 at the same time…

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I figured out the bug it’s only the animation, it’s when you dodge the sand damage from the minion!

I will put a picture of the Ureaus’ skill hits 2 players. I got it and it never hit 2, I reviewed everything and just see this as a bug!

This is only graphic bug because you have active dodge

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no no, the next picture goes! And today in the war it happened I can’t put a video in any way.

Devana had minions, Uraeus put sand damage on heroes with minions.

Devana dodged sand damage and thats why it looked like Uraues tried to hit her. If she wouldn’t dodge she wouldn’t get hit but she would get sand damage debuff.


pretty good answer :grinning::grinning: then it’s probably a visual bug. that Ureaus creates problems :grinning::grinning:

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Akkorog hits 4 times, it cannot be a visual bug…

It looks like fourth hit came from Yunan (slash attack),

Its too low compared to other 3 hits from Akkorog.
The number of damage dealt is a bit lower what means that it was applied later than Akkorog hit.
Yunan had slash attack ready when Akkorog starts his animation and on last(first in your post) screenshot Yunan have “2” next to his health bar.

Its just looks weird but there is no bug.

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You can watch the video here.

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I was right, you can clearly see that fourth hit was from Yunan not Akkorog.

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