Known Issues with Version 16

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The hero pictures in Summons are blurred (the troops are ok).

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For android, I can’t name the teams, Can’t see war matchmaking countdown or war scores as yet. Is this what I should expect at the present moment?

Sorry, I can edit the name, but the rest is still applicable.

Purchased items are not being delivered on IOS device.

Part 2 Atlantis is no longer giving Atlantis coins for completing hard levels. I tried yesterday as I was working on completing and just finished another one and zero Atlantis coins.

Please lmk if this is not where to report this or if I do.something incorrectly as I’m pretty new to all of this (yes,vI’ve read the rules. But still unclear,vand apologize if I’m making a mistake!) I did the update. I participated in a Titan war right after restarting the game. Then immediately did two revenge raids, and won in both. But, I didn’t recieve the correct amount that I was supposed to. The amount on the screen showing the amount I won is correct, but the total amount of food and money to actually collect is not correct. (I do have screenshots I just didn’t know if I should post or not!?) Has anyone else had this happen? Also wondering how this works exactly since I have never experienced this before?! When recieving the proof will I recieve the missing amount?? Thank you… and also sorry about the length of this as well.

To add to my comment above I just checked, and I’m also missing all the trophies that I won. Could someone please lmk what to do…I tried to report it, but there are like 4 different places, and it won’t accept my email…(tried to log in… didn’t work, and should be the same as this forum… Have email address for them to send a link, and it didn’t work!!) Thank you, and so sorry…

I have a level 12 player and after updating there is no point to confirm participation in the war of the alliance. Before the update, this item was present

I’m also on Android, if you hit the ? Next to the alliance score a fairly large window opens with the war score at the bottom.

I can’t seem to upgrade a new farm, can you fix please. It keeps coming up as a connection server error, everything else works fine. Upgrading other building have no problems.

When I did 2 quests in the gain experience category it used 14 world energy when it should have used 12. 4 plus 8 equals 12 not 14. Also when I am raided I lose more trophies than I am able to raid myself. How is it that one player can steal 40 plus trophies and I can only earn them 10 to 20 at a time. I can’t get ahead. I’m stuck in silver league struggling to hit 800 trophies

I don’t have an answer for the world energy thing, Have you tried sending a support ticket? The trophie thing on the other hand is simple enough to explain. If a player you raid has less trophies than you when you raid them you get less than 30 trophies and if they have more trophies than you when you raid them you get more than 30.

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Issue with added team member slot. I bought it, but not showing on edit team screen

Bună poate am greșit unde postez… Nu pot vorbi pe global… Am avut cuvântul, cum, cenzurat… Dar precizez ca la romani are cu totul alt înțeles… Nu am primit mesaj cu report… Și pe global nu vede nimeni ce scriu de azi după masa după ce am făcut actualizarea…sper sa ma puteți ajuta cunva… Mulțumesc anticipat

In iOS 12.0.1 with the game 16.0.1 BUILD 458 when I try to build a training camp, every time I get disconnected.

I not sure if this bug is already notified, but the I already reinstall the app and the error persists.


Did you ever get a response? I am having the same issue but with training camp.

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No I haven’t received a response yet unfortunately. I did whoever just receive another game update I will you it that helps. I will also let you know if I get a response too. Hopefully they will fix since three people in my post has the same issue.

I just tried to build another farm and now it’s coming up as I cannot build anymore farms, maximum farms has been reach. I have 8 farms currently. Maybe you might have maximum building reached to perhaps.

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