Petri has been pretty proactive about closing these threads once he believes the issue is fully solved. Until an iOS fix rolls out, closing the thread would seem premature to me.


They should be able to track it. They know it wasn’t working, why do they believe this but not when someone is advising this problem they are aware of has happened to them

Almost everyone on the forum is a player like you, so our ability to provide detailed help with problems is pretty limited. At this point, you should probably contact SG customer support directly for help. Here’s how to do that.


Thank-you, I’ve done that!

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You’re welcome. Depending on what volume of issues they’re dealing with, it might take a couple of business days for them to get back to you.

Good luck. I hope they’re able to get you the appropriate rewards!

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muted topic for me :slight_smile:

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If it’s becoming frustrating for you, that’s a very wise call. Thanks for helping people out as much as you have :slightly_smiling_face:


I help the ones who understand what Im saying; after 1 2 retries is best to move along :wink:

Sorry @Boolz I only joined forum to try and sort out the issue. Totally new to this!

Hello, despite the new update, my friend and I received nothing. He sent me an invitation and I’m on level 10 but he didn’t get his gems and his 10 VIP days. When I was at level 5 I also received nothing and those despite the update. I did not receive a response to my claim.

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Hi @Mary974, and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, the forum isn’t set up to deal with individual account issues. It’s mostly for players like you and me to talk and help each other out.

If you’ve already submitted a support ticket to Small Giant, then you’ll want to follow up with that. Sometimes it can take a couple of business days for them to get back to you.

How does it work? I invited my brother, he used my link to dL game, he reached level 6 and he doesn’t have vip. I thought he got vip for 10 days at level 5 and I got vip when he reached level 10.
This is the 2nd person I invited that ended up not getting vip.

Hi @Chuck364. Sounds like you should probably submit a support ticket to SG. I believe there’s still a known issue with iOS friend invites not working right.

I invited 2 people to the game via the FB messenger link. They are both playing and are at lvl 6/7 and haven’t received their 10 day VIP pass.

I may be mistaken, as I couldn’t find it in game just now, but I believe they must first reach level 10. And I also believe you get the 10-day VIP pass, not them.

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You’ll received when they get to lvl 10

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Hi @Glamdring, there appears to be a known issue on the iOS platform that they’re working to fix. I’d submit a support ticket if I were you, so they know you did the invite and it didn’t work right.

@Lloyd6770, @XIX

The friend I invited is now at level 10

Hi @Cytect

Please submit a support ticket through the game.

You may need to be patient as it’s a holiday weekend :+1:

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