I invited 2 friends (one reached level 5).
They both looked at the invite section and it doesnt say they were invite (without invitation it is said)

They used my link, they were redirected to playstore and installed the game.

I’ll create a ticket and leave there their account ids (but my friends wont play without the vip 5lvl…)


Same here with two other accounts.

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same here. my lvl is 10 my invite friend is lvl10 but no reward.

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Same here. Invited befriend. They reached lv5 and no rewards. Also when they fix the issue will we still get the VIP rewards? As the players are now previously registered? What will happen?

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The same thing happened to me - funnily enough it worked the first time with my brother, but not the second time with my wife. Exact same procedure, all iphones. Weird. All accounts are now in their 20s in terms of levels, so plenty of time for it all to go through. Didn’t feel important enough to go through the pain of a support ticket.

Shame now that they extended the invite rewards, but I still don’t consider 100 gems and a few days of VIP worth the trouble arguing and providing evidence to customer support.

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Yup. No problems with the old first 3. Now 4th and 5th… Feature bugged…

I sent invites to a number of friends, but got a reward for the first level, but the snag is I don’t know whom amongst the friends honored the invite and there is no apparent way of finding out without going round to ask each one.

Therefore, I suppose the friend invites should be tweak a little so we can know at least who honored the invite.

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Same, I invited someone and they are now level 6 and no reward for them… yet to see what happens at lvl 10… but I’m a little concerned :frowning:

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tell him to go to mail>invites and check if your name appears there. most likely not…

Please check the following FAQ article:

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did exactly that;

I have succesfully invited 3 friends in the past. I know how to do it and did it accordingly.
Why would I report a bug if it would have worked as in the past?

Just received confirmation from developers, there is currently a known issue with friend invites in the new update (version 21). We are investigating this here and hope to fix the issue as soon as possible. My apologies for the inconvenience!


Good thing it’s confirmed. Thanks :wink:
I already created a ticket with IDs attached. Hope my friends will be linked to my account :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. I work in Q&A. I have experience in creating issues :smile:

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This should be now fixed for Android - please update your game to the latest version (21.0.1). We’ll release the iOS fix as soon as we can!


Thank you :slight_smile: works now

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you receive it at level 5.

also is not ok to share your id account

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I also provided a link from a messenger but I did not get the reward

Are you running on Android or iOS? And have you updated to the latest version of the app?

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can still get rewards even if it’s updated or even higher levels are provided by the link. please tell me?

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